Pinterest Project : Recovering Nightstands

This project goes back about a year when I was working on finishing the master bedroom before August. I kept looking for a way to add texture to the bookshelf or nightstands and ended up priming and painting them all white:

2012_07_15 (22)Okay, well the drawer became gray, which I didn’t really like once it was in the room.

I really fell in love with this Moroccan stencil and thought it would be fun. Ignoring the fact that I suck at any painting that isn’t “slap it on” simple. Here’s the poorly done stencil that I covered up with more paint:

20130915_162629Beautiful, right? (there really needs to be a sarcasm font).

So in lieu of knowing what to do, I moved the nightstand out to the garage and let it sit there for a few weeks.

Then… magic. In the form of remnant fabric from Jo-Anns! I picked up this piece that was .583 yds, originally $12.99/yd on clearance for $3.80. Since the fabric was thick enough, and sorta fuzzy, I decided to use hot glue instead of modge podge.

20130915_164008I had enough on this remnant to do the tops of both and the back of the second nightstand too. Since the top isn’t covered by anything like modge podge it’s nice and fuzzy.

Then, when I finished the top I realized how much I hated the gray drawer. So I pulled it out, unscrewed the drawer pulls and found my black glossy spray paint. 17 thousand coats later:

 photo MFKNighstand_zps54a423e5.jpg

I would still like to find some drawer pulls in white but those are on the list for later. Here’s how it looks in the room:

 photo MFKNightstand2_zps2a6cb696.jpgFor those of you counting at home, yes this makes 4 table tops currently covered in zebra print fabric… I might need an intervention. But isn’t it cute? Since all the frames in my room and the dresser are dark I thought it was a nice way to bring the two together. Who knows? Maybe I’ll use the other remnant on my bookshelf.

Didn’t I mention that?

Yes, I found 2 remnants. And bought them both.


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