New table design

So this project comes with a story and pictures.

The year was 2005 and I was driving cross country in my dad’s Jeep for college. I had, like any good OCD college student, planned down to the item number what furniture I would be buying at Ikea to outfit my off campus apartment.

Of course, life intervened.

Instead of the chic couch to bed I’d picked out… a horrid futon that fell apart in 6 months.

Instead of the cute table and chairs… a set of 2 pop up tables and some plastic chairs.

While the bed decision was a horrible one that was less comfortable than a hammock would have been strung up in the corner, over time I have used those 2 pop up tables frequently that they were well worth the $30 investment.

But recently, they’ve been looking a bit… used. I guess after 8 years, 4 moves, 3 cities and 3,000 miles that’s to be expected. Probably because I used them for staining the wood for my outdoor garden beds, they were getting a big sticky and gross.

So I grabbed my spatula and began cleaning, taking off the caulk, liquid nails, and junk. Once clean, I decided to cover the somewhat dingy tables with furniture.

First up, gather all the supplies (brush, scissors, modge podge and fabric)


Second, cut to shape (roughly). I was happy that this piece would fit both tables so they’d still match. Then iron the fabric. I hate this part.

Third, apply modge podge to the tables and then smooth on the fabric:

new table 1

Fourth, wrap the fabric down the sides and under, trimming as you go:

New Table 2

Fifth and finally, cover the top with a coat of modge podge to keep it protected!

The finished product is something that’s both cute and durable, I can put a drink on it and not worry about a coaster and they’re hearty enough to haul outside.

The fabric for this project was $4 on clearance as a remnant at Jo-Anns and I already had the modge podge and cleaning supplies. Not bad for a $4 makeover!


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