So much crap to do

It’s honestly never ending. Jeeze. I just want one of those fairy or wizard wands so that with a swish and flick everything goes back into the place its supposed to be.

Since that’s not likely to happen before Friday here’s what I’m working on tonight (steam of consciousness fashion):

Throwing out the disgusting box of strawberries that went bad in 48 hours. Damn 102 heat wave.

Blowing up the beach ball I got in the mail. Why? Because I can. Trying to keep the dogs from biting it is much harder.

Just finished the second coat of paint on the hall closet (which was a fun project) and now I need to change I’m sweating so much. Note to self: don’t paint when it’s 90 degrees at 10pm.

But the paint is actually done, drying and looks fab. I re-hung all my purses (the ones I’m keeping) and now to move in the crate of computer bags….

Also, taking breaks sucks because everything takes longer to do! But the clothes have finally been folded and put away, I moved some tables and restocked the hallway closet.

Tomorrow when the paint is 100% dry I can rehang the coats. Maybe, just maybe, I can find a few jackets to donate.

It’s still entirely too hot and the dogs are panting. It’s that time of night when the little guys get some energy and start chasing each other around. It’s like they got into my sugar jar and then, just like that, they crash.

I still have too many bags, but at least the ones I use most often are put away nicely.

I wonder where I hid those ugly outdoor pillows I bought at the beginning of summer. The covers are finally done and now I can’t find the pillows. Typical.

Maybe if it cools down this week I can open up the garage and do some cleaning. That’s a big maybe.

The dogs are finally calmed down, just in time to get them into bed.

Now I need to crash too – 7am wake up call and loading up on protein before meeting my trainer at the gym by 8am.

Project posts for the hall closet, cute new table topics, outdoor pillows and Ikea organizers coming… soon. When I feel like it. Maybe by November. Don’t hold your breath.


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