September Challenges

My friend Sheila used to do these challenges with her family and I was reminded of them earlier this week when I decided that, for the month of September at least, I needed to give up 2 websites that end up being total time sucks: Pinterest and Reddit.

I know, what will I do with all that free time?! Well, here’s my full list of challenges for the next 28 days* and some background:

1. Do not go out to eat. Or drink. Goal 25 days. This one may be difficult without Pinterest recipes! I have already planned a frozen yogurt or coffee meetup with a new contact so that’s going to count for one of the days, and a welcome dinner for my house sitter.

2. No spend for decor/hobbies. Goal 27 days. This one is going to hurt the most I think, the real goal is to stay home and work on the stuff I already have. Trim the flowers back, rake up leaves, paint stuff, maybe sew. I’m giving myself one day for fluff stuff shopping because I will probably want to buy flowers at some point. I’ll try to keep a good list too of things to buy as I work on projects, already on that (mental) list is lighting for the hall closet.

3. Workout 5 times a week. Goal 20 days. I scheduled my time with the trainer yesterday so I already have 16 days on the calendar over the next 4 weeks (ow, this is going to hurt) so I just need to add a day once on the weekend.

4. Walk the dogs. Goal 28 days. I want to get them behaving better on the leash so at least once a day I’ll take one of the dogs to the park which is a nice little 20 min stroll. Most days I’m hoping to have 2 or even all 3 dogs on a little walk – the little guys can walk together but Jackson must go alone.

20120321_1355575. Spend 15 minutes outside in the sun. Goal 28 days. Mostly because I don’t want to be so pale and burn easily in Florida, but also because this is the only time of day I get to fully relax. Walking the dogs doesn’t count. Plus, it has a domino effect because I go to the backyard which means first I have to pick up the dog poop, then I end up watering the flowers, and it’s a nice break.

To track all these Goals I’m making a simple checklist that I can review every day.

*yes, I know September has 30 days but I’m heading to Florida so instead of finishing the month strong, I’ll be finishing the month on the beach and eating airport and conference food.


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