Still Not a Morning Person

So, embarrassing story time… when I was a kid one of my nicknames from Dad was “k-k-nooner” because I could, if not prodded, sleep until noon. Now, I argue that this is balanced out by the fact that I never, and I do mean never, took naps after probably age 2 so I was simply catching up.

Well, I’m still not a morning person. In fact, the internal dialogue that goes on between my alarm going off and my ass getting out of bed is quite amusing at times.

First, I put the alarm clock on top of the dresser so I have to get up to find the snooze button. If I don’t, I would probably still be in bed.

Second, I convince myself that “9 more minutes” is all I need for a good half hour or so.

This morning, in fact, the internal argument went like this:

Alarm: BLARG BLARG BLARG wake up, wake up, wake up!

Me: Shhh, mean machine, I’m so comfy

(reluctantly climb out of bed hit the snooze)

Me: It’s only 7am, I don’t have appointments until 10. I have time.

(fall back into bed careful not to squish or rustle the dogs which have escaped their crates to snuggle with me)

9 minutes later…

Alarm: BLARG BLARG BLARG wake up, wake up, wake up!

Me: I will definitely get up now

(reluctantly climb out of bed hit the snooze)

Me: Oh wow, I miss the bed. It’s so comfy and I finally got the pillows and blankets exactly how I like them. I’m just gonna lay down for a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


And so it goes a few more times until I finally get up, stretch, turn off the alarm and start my day.


One thought on “Still Not a Morning Person

  1. LOL reminds me of when we had jobs in the Carmel/Monterey area. We were known as ‘mid-day electric’ since we showed up on the job site so late every day! We worked hard and got our jobs done but we were often there just before lunch! 🙂

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