So much to do

To celebrate a) finishing my backyard plan and b) the end of summer I’m planning a backyard bbq party for September. Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish before par-tay time!

    • Pressure wash the patios and siding
    • Trim back the rose bushes
    • Get my new outdoor pillows from Mom
    • Paint the last chair in the backyard
    • Fill in some bald spots with new flowers
    • String up some pretty Christmas lights
    • Sweep the patios really well
    • Add last bag of top soil to the flower beds
    • Figure out seating so we have enough room
    • Cover my white pop up tables in something new

DSC_0019For party preparation I will also need to sort out:

  1. drinks, lots of ’em and how to keep ’em cool
  2. snack type food
  3. something to grill
  4. desserts of some sort

I should probably note that I already have a few cases of water, lots of lemonade (need some more dispensers though), and wine. So sodas and beer should round it out well.

In addition… I have a trip coming up and a friend is house sitting. So much I want to do before she arrives!

  1. Finish painting my nightstands and get them back in my bedroom
  2. Work on the “stuff” in the guest room closet
  3. Clear out the crafts in the guest room (using the clear tubs maybe?)
  4. Empty out the freezers and clean
  5. Steam clean all the carpets again
  6. Deep clean the hallway and kitchen floors
  7. Get all my papers filed and put away, bills prepaid and mail on hold
  8. Replace the tires on my car, switch out the windshield wipers and air filters
  9. Touch up paint on bathroom cabinet and wax (master bath)
  10. Prep another secret painting project 🙂

Still Not a Morning Person

So, embarrassing story time… when I was a kid one of my nicknames from Dad was “k-k-nooner” because I could, if not prodded, sleep until noon. Now, I argue that this is balanced out by the fact that I never, and I do mean never, took naps after probably age 2 so I was simply catching up.

Well, I’m still not a morning person. In fact, the internal dialogue that goes on between my alarm going off and my ass getting out of bed is quite amusing at times.

First, I put the alarm clock on top of the dresser so I have to get up to find the snooze button. If I don’t, I would probably still be in bed.

Second, I convince myself that “9 more minutes” is all I need for a good half hour or so.

This morning, in fact, the internal argument went like this:

Alarm: BLARG BLARG BLARG wake up, wake up, wake up!

Me: Shhh, mean machine, I’m so comfy

(reluctantly climb out of bed hit the snooze)

Me: It’s only 7am, I don’t have appointments until 10. I have time.

(fall back into bed careful not to squish or rustle the dogs which have escaped their crates to snuggle with me)

9 minutes later…

Alarm: BLARG BLARG BLARG wake up, wake up, wake up!

Me: I will definitely get up now

(reluctantly climb out of bed hit the snooze)

Me: Oh wow, I miss the bed. It’s so comfy and I finally got the pillows and blankets exactly how I like them. I’m just gonna lay down for a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


And so it goes a few more times until I finally get up, stretch, turn off the alarm and start my day.