Backyard Budgeting

I definitely did not go into this project with a budget in mind, I just wanted to get the work done. So we worked little by little and I bought everything with cash. At first when I looked at the receipts it made me a little sad, that there was so much money put out since May.

One thing to be aware of is that when you’re doing a long project like this it’s very easy to lose track of the costs. You may want to add cash to an envelope system and track receipts each week so you can see the costs in real time.

Again, this was split across a few months and many trips! The biggest one time purchase was the wood for the planter boxes and following that the dirt from the nursery.


  • Makita power drill $5 (Salvation Army find of the year!)
  • Makita battery 2 pack $35.99
  • Drill bits $10
  • Other tools borrowed from Dad: free
  • Total: $50.99

Patio Decoration:

  • Fliso Umbrella from Ikea $24.99
  • Bag of Concrete (for the umbrella stand) $4.68
  • Plastic Adirondack chairs from Home Depot $36
  • Pillows – already purchased!
  • Wood Adirondack chairs – free from family
  • Blue primer plus spray paint for chairs $3.37 x4 = $13.48
  • Total: $79.15


Flower boxes for patio:

Raised flower beds:

Side yard Patios

  • Red 12″ Square Paver Stones $1.21/ea x 12 = $14.52
  • Polymeric Sand $20
  • Total: $34.52

Dirt & Trash Removal

  • One time fee to remove wood, stones, trash and scalloped edging = $85
  • 2 cu sq ft of soil from local nursery $9.99/ea x 14 = $140
  • bougainvillea trees $14.99/ea x2 = $44.97
  • hydrangeas 5 online $53.01
  • Total: $322.98

Ready for the Grand Total? $729.95 plus the cost of labor which in my book isn’t too bad for a beautiful new backyard that had very little work done in the past 5 years.

Besides, when I look at the cost of patio sets that begin at $500 and only go up from there and consider that I have 4 chairs, 4 patios, 4 planter boxes and a great umbrella for shade, I think I got a great deal and exactly what I wanted.

The labor cost was definitely an expense, but I don’t regret that either. Ryan worked ridiculously hard and spent many hours digging, leveling, hauling and building.


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