Patio Plans, Pavers and Plants

Hold on to your seats, this is going to be another long post about the backyard.

Last week I outlined the vision of the backyard in this post – could you see it in your head? If not, here’s the progress post to show how I made the vision come true.

I wrote this post about building out the side yard and my new raised garden beds but this post is all about the corner patio.

Let’s start with the sad state of the tree. The dead tree. The sappy tree. The one that only produced blooms like this for ONE WEEK a year and then immediately died.

2012_03_10 (03)

Mostly the tree looked like this:

2011_08_13 (51)Only this picture is old so consider the tree was even more dead. Right where Nixon is standing there’s a pop up sprinkler so I had to take that into consideration when planning this corner. A square patio or one that came out further than the board above would be problematic.

In May we took out the boards and installed concrete wall blocks that stacked 2 and 3 high for a new retaining wall:

2013_05_07 (13)4th of July weekend we took out the tree, all the way down to the stump:

DSC_0100Aside from the fact that you can now see the horrible cobwebs in the corner, you can also see where the dirt was piled up against the fence. With a plan in place, I started buying square pave stones and decided it was time to finish this up.

2013-07-13 (07)As you can see we laid out newspaper underneath the square stones and matched the border stones to hold it up. Here’s a better view from above:

2013-07-13 (08)Before we set everything in with polymeric sand I wanted to lay out the furniture to make sure it would fit well.

2013-07-16 (10)The table probably won’t end up here but the chairs fit well and the planter box along the back looks great.

So, plans continued!

Here’s how it looked with the sand set:


In order to protect the fence from dogs digging along the boards and to bring in a little green, I decided to build these two boxes. They’re 12″ deep and 6″ wide. Along the left side (north fence) the box is 6′ long; the box along the right side (east fence) the box is 4′ long.

Here’s a shot of the box I built:

2013-07-13 (17)

Close up shot of the interior:

2013-07-13 (18)

Here’s how the patio looks with the two (empty) flower boxes:


And with the chairs:


The umbrella is a great neutral and creates a bunch of shade midday in this corner.

DSC_0019Same day I was able to get dirt in the planter boxes and a few plants!

patioYou can also see that I chose to upgrade the pot for the umbrella – it’s a heavy sucker so I wanted something that would ground it. The cement was poured into a small (1 gallon) container and then the whole thing got covered in dirt. I’ll add some annual flowers next year, I think, to make it pretty.

Yes, I miss those pretty pink flowers from the tree but I think these (which will grow up the fence with a little trellis) will fill in quite nicely!



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