Big Backyard Plans

I’ve been working a ton in the backyard these last few months and can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with! The plans have shifted a few times but soon I’ll have several patios to decorate, planter boxes to fill, vines to plant and furniture to revamp.

I’ve been considering ways to bring a lot of personality and pretty to my small backyard while staying in budget and keeping it to scale. One of the most anticipated projects is this small corner of the yard where we recently removed the tree:

dead treeNow, stay with me for this visual.

There’s a slightly raised patio reaching back into the corner, maybe 7 or 8 inches above the grass.

Thin planter boxes sit on the patio along the fence line – only 6″ wide or so.

Planted in the boxes and growing up the fence are white wisteria flowers, providing a sweet scent and attracting butterflies.

On the patio are two Adirondack chairs, each with comfortable outdoor pillows.

A large flower pot holds the white umbrella from tipping over in the wind, providing needed shade in the morning.

Sounds great, right?

Now, the side yard:

You open the gate from the front porch and step down onto a stone patio that reaches to the backyard.

Along the exterior wall of the house is hanging storage for garden tools.

On the right, along the fence line, there’s a small patio and compost bin.

Then an 8 foot long raised garden bed with hostas, perennials and wildflowers. Honeysuckle vines grow vertically up the fence.

In the middle there’s another small patio, this one holding a gas grill for cooking out and lawn mower.

Another 8 foot long raised bed completes the path, more 4-season flowers and plants grow.

Finally, a thin brick patio lines the chain link fence and bright pots are filled with more flowers.

Morning glory planted in the pots grows up the chain link fence and open in dark purple blooms.

Sounds so relaxing, right?

Pretty good considering I started with this monochromatic slab or dirt and gray:

2011_09_02 (04)There will be many more pictures to come as we build it out, this weekend I’m hoping to have the wood boxes and patios built, then work on filling in the dirt and buying plants.

Remember our list? Here’s an update

  • Dig out the small stones and hard dirt
  • Recycle the wood that we pulled out of the backyard
  • Use stones to fill in the gaps
  • Measure for 2 raised flower/vegetable beds each will be 8′ x 4′
  • Buy wood and install flower/vegetable beds (newspaper to line the bottom)
  • Fill in the beds with fresh dirt
  • Dig out the scalloped edging
  • Create another brick patio like the one below

Now I’m off to dream about the ideal mix of plants, vines and flowers for these spaces!


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