New pictures. Of me. For reals.

I know, I’m typically the gal behind the camera and love it that way but recently I had a few portraits done and wanted to share them. I had a blast shooting these with my new bff Lauren.

And because it would be me otherwise, enjoy my snarky commentary along the way. Oh and some newsy news for you at the bottom of the post too!headshotthis was the first one I got in a proof and got mixed reactions. Some say “too serious” some say “hell yeah” so let’s just call this one “hella serious, yeah!”

state_capital (6 of 59)This ended up being my favorite. Of all times. Sure the purple shirt photographs a little blue but you can see my necklace (which I wear all the damn time), my hair is a crazy and I’m smiling. Good things.

state_capital (11 of 59)Another favorite. This one is more straight on “trust me peoples” but I lurve it anyway. Also the bilateral hair is kinda awesome, no?

Systems Academy WelcomeHere’s one in the black shirt, a little smarmy if you ask me but I still like it! Besides, this is my “do what I say or I’ll get you” look usually reserved for children.

state_capital (59 of 59)Finally, my behind the scenes pic – this one was shot while I was recording a few videos and I think it’s a nice meta shot.


Okay, so what else has been going on at Casa de Kelly? Well, I have some new pictures to show you of the front yard after planting a ton of flowers (about half survived our little heat wave this week) and setting up the cutest  patio cart. Love it. Also, I decided I needed Adirondack chairs and ended up with 2 sets. So I needed more pillows. You see how this all spirals out of my control so easily!

Inside I’ve been working away: painting baseboards, remodeling cabinets in the bathroom, I finally picked up the tile for those bathroom floors, I rearranged the living room (again) and have big old plans  in the works for the house (think AC, floors, windows, paint, power washing, BIG dreaming).

So, stay tuned for more of those posts as summer drags on. I’m fine as long as the heat abates and I don’t have to deal with 105 as the weekly low.






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