Another Office Remodel

Okay, I know you’re thinking I’m crazy but this time it’s not my office. Since last April’s remodel in Arizona, I’ve been itching to do another project start to finish. So when the chance came to dog sit in Pittsburg for the week I insisted on having a project.

Any project.

Otherwise I’d pack up 5 dogs in my tiny Toyota and take them home.

Instead, Mom decided that it was time to revamp her office. So Mother’s Day weekend we started cleaning stuff out and stocked up the desk in the front room with all the office supplies we could find. By Friday when I arrived she had the room mostly empty and then it was time to patch holes in the wall, take down hardware and prep for paint.

20130607_214033We started cutting in and rolling on Friday night once the texture patches had dried. Mom chose a blue in the same shade as her guest room to go with the darker blue carpet.

Here’s the room the night before carpet was installed

DSC_0648and after carpet:

DSC_0656Once the carpet was in on Wednesday I really got to work. First I dragged in the blue bookshelf. And the CD tower. Then the file cabinet. Then unpacked and assembled the new Ikea bookshelf and desk.

Then: trouble.

The tall bookshelf I was planning to use was too long to get through the door frame. So plan b. I moved in a shorter bookshelf and finally a few chairs.

DSC_0687Then came the fun part! I started stocking the room again with all the things Mom wanted at hand. The new computer got hooked up at the desk, the old computer too. I brought in craft stuff, office supplies, books, CDs, cards, picture frames, some toys and it all started coming together.

I even installed the shelf above the closet doors for Mom’s hat boxes, rehung the curtains, brought in a plant and covered the chair with a soft blanket for the dogs.

Throughout all of this I refused to send Mom any pictures or hints, even when I changed the furniture arrangement. Here’s the final product on Saturday morning with fresh flowers on the bookshelf:

DSC_0689the desk:

DSC_0680the new desk got 2 computers set up:

DSC_0669the blue bookshelf and chair:


The CD tower behind the door:


Tall wardrobe tucked into the far corner:

DSC_0675It was a fun project to complete but so, so many hours. The old computer desk was taking up too much room and literally falling apart:

20130607_143119And before the big clean out the room was overflowing with too much stuff:

DSC_0179Now, it’s a relaxing and calm room with fresh paint, plush carpet and organization: