More Backyard Work

As I mentioned in the last update post, the backyard projects are just beginning! This week Ryan returned for some more work and after a quick trip to Home Depot we were a little closer to being done.

First up was the retaining wall around the flower beds on the east side of the yard. I decided to make the bricks 3 high on that section since we had most of the wall stones we needed. We picked up 7 more at a cost of $1.37 each and glued them in (so far we’re up to 5 tubes of glue and need one more to finish it up).

2013_05_22 (09)To finish up this section I need to clean up these rose bushes a little and fill in the flower bed with more fill dirt.

Second was finishing the brick path to the side yard with more bricks – these came in at 40 cents each and we are only 3 short. Sounds like a joke huh? 3 bricks short of a … nevermind.

2013_05_22 (11)If the bricks look a little lopsided it’s just a trick of the camera. They’re pretty solid and steady to walk on and once we add in the polymer sand to firm things up it’ll be even better. That should happen next week once all the paths and patios are in place.

2013_05_22 (13)One of the large trash cans will sit here to collect rain water from the side gutter.

Now, to the side yard!

I bought another big trash can, full of dirt and rocks. We’re up to 4 if you’re counting plus 2 buckets full. Anyone need free dirt? It’s littered with rocks so pretty useless to me.

2013_05_22 (07)In addition to the dirt coming out the 12″ square bricks are going in for these little “patios” for lack of a better term. As you can see they’re the perfect size for my compost bin and gas grill and will break up the flower beds. The red 12″ bricks are only about $1.21 each and we only had to buy 3 to finish this patio.

2013_05_22 (04)

I still need to :

  • Get rid of wood in smaller pieces
  • Get rid of dirt/rocks
  • Buy the wood/supports for the flower beds
  • Take out the tree!

This tree, guys, is so so dead. I fear that a good wind storm and it’ll go crash boom into the fence and then I’ll be stuck replacing a fence too.

2013_05_22 (10)Once that comes out I’d like to purchase more 12″ square stones and make another outdoor patio for chairs and possibly an umbrella. Wouldn’t this one from Ikea look so fresh and happy in that corner?

Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 5.41.40 PMCombine it with a few Adirondack chairs and it will be a nice little corner. I’m thinking of these $18 plastic ones from Home Depot:Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 8.13.58 PM


Maybe chairs in blue or green and the orange umbrella? There is still a lot of dirt and dumping work to do and of course a lot of planting of flowers, shrubs and climbing vines.


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