Completely New Closet for Under $100!

Once my closet was painted, lit up with new lights and clean, it was time to restock!

First up was this cool white organizer, I’ve had it for ages and it keeps moving around. I filled the drawers with scarves, bathing suits, belts, gloves and wraps. Lots of little things that are easy to get lost in the corners of the closet.

Closet 1Hanging next to it is my awesome hanging organizer, which spins and is so useful! It was a gift so I have no idea where you’d find it or how much you’d pay. I filled a few of the spots with flip flops (which I only really wear in the garden or in hotel showers, I promise Georgia!) and the cubbies are holding my pants. Jeans on top, khakis and black, gray and blue pants on the bottom. Boom.

In the middle of the closet are the dog’s crates. It’s summer so I took off their cute crate covers (to encourage the air to circulate so they don’t overheat).

Closet 9On the right side of the closet I have my new suitcase (the old one was filled with clothes to donate) as well as long hanging clothes like dresses:

2013_05_11 (01)Now for the top… I used the gray paint on the shelves to help them stand out a little. After putting in all the white boxes it didn’t stand out too much. I filled 6 organizers from Ikea before picking up 3 more. From left to right I filled the organizers with painting clothes, (3) sweaters, shirts, jeans, pants, shorts & capris & skirts.

2013_05_11 (03)

2013_05_11 (04)On the shelf below I’ve got all my shoes on a few ClosetMaid shelves:

Closet 2

2013_05_11 (05)I like having the shoes off the floor because Nixon is a little thief who steals my shoes all the time and even sleeps with them:

DSC_0045I filled up 2 large suitcases with clothes and shoes to donate and while I still have to bring in my hooded sweatshirts and sweaters that zip or button, it’s looking much better:

Closet 5The final element I added was a new, bright rug from (where else?) Ikea which was being discontinued and on sale for $20!

Closet 3Which means my total costs were:

  • lighting: $30
  • second shoe rack: $15
  • curtain wire & clips: $16
  • 3 additional clothes boxes: $15
  • paint, accent paint, organizers: free, already owned
  • rug: $20

Total: $96

So there you go – a completely new master closet which I love, for under $100 and a week of work!


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