Closet fit for a Master

True confession time: I’ve never really loved my closet. I mean, it’s much larger than my last closet and I yanked out those doors pretty quickly but other than that, it’s just… okay. Ready for a super old picture? Here’s how I tried to save space by putting the dresser in the closet:

It got a little better when I replaced the doors with curtains, put the dresser in the room and the dog crates in the closet, but I still wasn’t in love:


Recently though it felt like the only thing left “undone” in the master bedroom, especially since it had those old, ugly baseboards. So I got to work last week and now I’m ready to unveil the big after!

First I pulled out everything including hanging clothes, the dog crates, luggage, boxes on the top and a bunch of stuff I’d forgotten about. This is what my guest room looked like for the week:


Removed the old baseboards with a wonderbar and little bit of muscle. They came out rather easily and went right into the trash can so I wouldn’t injure myself with the splinters or nails.

2013_05_03 (01)

With the whole closet empty I wiped the walls and shelves down for painting including the ceiling. Then I pulled out the clothes bar which would not get paint. Can you imagine paint flakes falling down on my clothes every time I moved a hanger?

Before painting I filled in the gaps (as best I could) with caulk and let it dry for several hours. It’s important to use paintable caulk since it would otherwise show up obviously against the fresh paint.

With the step stool and drop cloths in place, I started painting. Friday night I got the bottom half done, including the door frame which used to be off white with some gray:

2013_05_03 (02)and now is a bright white (see the contrast from top to bottom half):

2013_05_03 (07)

Of course the lighter paint color is nice but it’s still a pretty dark space. So I bought some lighting! See the top of this picture, how bright it is?

2013_05_04 (01)This is the light I was looking for! So I picked out 2 sets of Ledberg track lights at Ikea for $15 each. I started by plugging in my extension cord behind the bookshelf and securing it to the wall just inside the closet with a small holder thingy.

Each set came with 3 tracks but you could also put All 6 track lights together and control them on one switch. Which is what I did. Now, Ikea is funny sometimes. They include these little tiny screws that won’t get past the drywall to make any difference. So I used 3M command strips cut down to size and adhered to the plastic.


From there all I had to do was link them together and stick the command strip to the header of the closet.


Here’s how it looked when it was all done:


After the paint dried, I steam cleaned the carpet. The next time Dad is up we’ll be installing the new baseboards!

The curtains went right back up but the tension rod I was using had begun to sag. So I picked up this wire set from Ikea and screwed it in 8″ beyond the opening of the closet for a few reasons 1) I had plenty of wire and 2) because screwing into the opening is tough because of the studs.

Here’s the curtains all strung up again:

2013_05_05 (07)

But I’m not willing to get dressed out of the guest room until that happens so I began restocking. Post #2 coming soon with the inside (final peek) at the organization!


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