Another Project in the Master Bath

While I wait (impatiently so) for the time when I can tear out my master bath sink, cabinet, floors and baseboards I’ve been working on other projects. After cleaning up the cabinets in the main bathroom I decided to tackle the master bath cabinet.

I started with the built in cabinet which started out like this:


The previous owner tried to paint it before and got about halfway done. So I began by adding a bead of caulk around the seam.


Then, while that was drying I pulled out a can of oops paint from Home Depot ($2 paint is my favorite) and started painting. Here’s the drying cubby after one coat:


When the caulk dried I finished the paint, making sure it covered well.

2013_04_27 (10)

It usually takes about a coat and a half to get really good coverage. The bottom of the shelf isn’t getting paint (but will get tiles or vinyl).

I moved up, painting the top shelf and rearranging the contents. It’s amazing to me how much brighter it looks with this new color! It’s definitely not perfect but now looks uniform and with those cracks filled it’s easier to keep clean and free of pests.

2013_04_28 (11)

The next step is to sand the outside of the shelving unit and then paint it white to match with the rest of the room. But that’s going to be messy. And I want an electric sander. And I’m sick of painting so it might be awhile.


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