Busy Days

Well it’s been awhile since I blogged here, mostly because I’ve had no time for projects around the house lately. Combine two trips to LA and one to Phoenix, adding 6 hours of client trainings plus 3 new clients and it’s a very tired Kelly at the end of the week.

But the past few weekends I got out to the backyard to pull some weeds from the flower beds, pick up broken sticks from trees and the rose bushes, scoop dog poop and pick up trash. Nixon has a bad habit of stealing things and killing them in the backyard.

After spending the time outside it definitely looks better and feels good to get some sun!

DSC_0052I also need to:

  • Trim back the roses
  • Dig up 2 dead rose bushes
  • Begin replacing the wood retaining wall with new bricks
  • Seed the lawn in multiple bald spots
  • Plant more flowers under the guest room window
  • Cut down the tree in the corner

Looks like I have my work cut out for me this summer! Some of the roses are blooming beautifully!

roses pretty

Here’s the problem with the retaining wall:

board fallingSee how the board is falling over? The brick border isn’t helping at all.

The retaining wall will probably be made with these rocks from Home Depot:

pavers2Of course I’ll need a few hundred of them, they’re heavy and expensive. So I’ll either need to replace them a dozen at a time or bring them home on a weekend when I can borrow Dad’s truck and wheelbarrow. This corner is going to be particularly fun to do:


The side yard is still looking crappy, mostly because I’m working on clearing out all the weeds, picking up the rocks and figuring out what I want on the side yard.


Thinking of making these raised beds that go along the fence:

bed1Depending on the depth of the bed I might just do one layer and these little corner pieces:


I can’t build them too high or Nixon will use the layers as an assist to jump the fence! Still have a ton of work ahead of me this summer but I like how it’s going so far.


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