New Pinterest Projects – Necklace Holder

Note: I’d prepared these posts a few weeks ago in anticipation of the Challenge. Which was great considering I’ve been focused on the details and family in the wake of Grandpa’s passing last week.

I think this is one of my few projects that pre-dates Pinterest! But it’s very Pinterest like with modge podge, book pages and jewelry storage all rolled up in one.

In November 2011 I made a purse out of a Nancy Drew hardcover book with my friend Melissa and took home the pages for projects. You already saw them here as ornaments for Christmas.

About the same time I picked up two black necklace holders from Michael’s. I can’t remember exactly but they were about $7 and $11 for the pair. The texture was black velvet which may be nice for exhibiting jewelry but is a bitch for modge podge because it just soaks in.

2012_12_10 (01)

So I poured it on, layered the book pages and it took days to get it right. Instead of trying to fold the paper around the back I just trimmed it.

Here’s the larger version:

2012_12_18 (12)and the smaller one:

2012_12_18 (13)Aren’t they great? I was going to send them as gifts but after a year of planning and waiting to get this one done I’m holding these close and shouting mine! Because I love them!

They’re now sitting on my master bedroom bookshelf:

2013_02_14 (02)

2013_02_14 (03)It’s one of those projects that sat unfinished for far too long and I’m so glad to have done!


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