Working it Out

So lately I’ve been pretty lax on posting here, not because there are not 15 simultaneous projects going on but because I have 100 business ones on top of that.

My business, She’s Got Systems, is hitting some major milestones with a new LLC in the works, clients on 4 continents and all across the United States, new software purchases to grow the marketing side and a slew of new partnerships, products and offers.

So there’s that.

And in an effort to make sure I am not stuck behind my desk all freakin’ day, but also productive, I recently ordered a treadmill for my living room. I chose one that is manual powered, folds up, weighs less than 50 pounds and is awesome.

2013_02_08 (15)

When it was delivered I was thrilled and assembled it the next night. But it had the same problem as all the treadmills at the gym… no place for anything except water.

So I picked up a piece of MDF at Home Depot and had it cut down. I wasn’t sure how to install it, and didn’t want a permanent solution (so I could move it anywhere).

Thus, some velcro and ta da!


The nice thing is that the table top can be flipped out out of the way to tuck it away:

2013_02_11 (04)

And moved out of the way:


A few people have asked how it holds up and because there’s no motor it can sometimes be jerky if you’re not used to pushing it. At first it feels like going faster is taking your life in your hands but once you get above about 4 or 5 the running is much smoother.

Typically I don’t do a lot of typing on the iPad while running, but it’s easy to read or watch TV and my FitBit pedometer registers the steps and miles each day and uploads it wirelessly to my account.

I still have my gym subscription and love it for the free weights and of course the pool, but now it’s easy to get in my cardio with working all these crazy hours. Most days I do intervals to get in my miles and it’s a nice break between calls, business and work around the house.


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