Living Room Organization

Typically I have 100 projects going at once and not enough time to blog about them all. But recently I’ve spent a lot of time and focus in the living room trying to get it in good shape.

I started last weekend by moving the TV bench to the wall next to the fireplace, primarily so I wouldn’t have to rotate the screen when I was watching a movie and cooking in the kitchen. Since I don’t have cable it doesn’t matter where the TV goes if there’s a power outlet.


After rearranging the furniture I remembered that one of the next projects on my list is to revamp that foot chest and move it to the guest room. But since that project can’t be started anytime soon, I decided to work on the rest of the room!

First up, I was tired of this cell phone charger station. There were only two outlets inside and it quickly got dusty and dirty. So I went on the hunt for something I could use and thought about using an Ikea organizer like the one I’d just stained but alas they’re no longer for sale at the store.

So I picked up this one instead – it’s a shoe holder and here’s why I love it:

Pic 331

The back has a zipper so it can fold flat meaning that I can feed the power strip into the back without making any unnecessary holes.

Next, it’s long enough for the power strip which used to sit on the floor next to the couch where dogs would knock over my cords and it got dusty.

The front is a flap that is secured with velcro meaning I can hide away the cords when things aren’t charging or thread them out for my phone, iPad or MacBook Pro. Love it!

The organizers came in a pack of 4 for $8 so this solution was just $2 and I now get to figure out where to use the other 3…

The new charging station is sitting on a very old Ikea nightstand that I bought well over 5 years ago. It’s held up pretty well and white goes with everything so I moved it from the office back when I re-organized that room in November.

pic 123

Top drawer holds notebooks so I have something at hand to jot down notes – there’s a  jar of pens on the top of the nightstand too. Second drawer has extra extension cords, iPad chargers and cords. It’s a mess really.

Third drawer has candles and candle holders for decoration. I try to keep them from taking over and only light a few at a time.

Next up on the mantle, I used a basket which came from Ikea ages ago to hold library books, magazines and a few coupons. Do you like the Herbs canister turned plant holder? It’s been in my kitchen hutch for ages and I decided it looked really good with this succulent I picked up. I’m trying to bring in more green shitz.


On the right side of the mantle I have 1 of 7 ORB wire baskets I bought a few years ago. This one stuff that I usually keep in my purse but since I trade out purses so often I empty everything in here so I just have on place to check on the way out the door.


After working on the charging station I found another place to use one of the shoe boxes – my Wii! Again, this is mostly to keep it dust free and the games in place.


I threaded the cords in the back again and then stacked the games up. To the right is an organizer with the controllers and to the left side of the bench are a few pillows waiting to be covered in new fabric I found at Jo-Anns. That project will be done when I learn to sew or when Mom comes to visit.

So basically when Mom comes to visit.

Here’s a sneak peek of the pillow fabric:

pillow picI thought it was time for fabric that wasn’t solid (brown or red) or striped like those curtains.

The shelf I brought in from the master bedroom in December is working great! I love having another horizontal surface to display decorations. After the holiday wreath came down I decided to hang up this puzzle, one of my favorites that my Grandma Thelma bought me when I was very young.


Also on the shelf I have this awesome shell bowl from Grandma, filled perpetually with walnuts. I’d been looking for a place to use these fishbowls that I bought for an event several years back and decided that they’d look good with candles.


I just found this succulent and decided to add it to another fishbowl – it’s almost too big for the bowl! This variety doesn’t need to be watered often so it’s perfect for forgetful me.


All together, I think it looks pretty good!


Finally, I added a plant because I want lots of things growing in here.

plantAs long as the dogs don’t water it, I’ll be happy. I still need to go through a few banker’s boxes full of papers, finish listing DVDs online for sale (about 30 more to go) and figure out how to store the half dozen blankets that get sprawled all over the room.

Oh, and I have an orphaned red chair that needs to find a home.

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