Saturday Snapshots – Feb 2

Well it’s only been 3 months since my last snapshots post here so I have plenty to catch you up on.

When I wrote that last post I had just returned home from a trip to NY for my birthday after an emotionally draining time. Four months after losing my cousin it’s not gotten much easier, I still think about him often and miss him every day.

I don’t know about you, but social media makes it all the harder. Seeing his friends “check in with JT” at the mall and having his profile pop up in my chat window is sobering. Anyway, enough of the sad stuff, that was my bad attempt to reason away why I haven’t been as active blogging these past few months.

Ready for some pics?

Let’s go back to November, the month when I did my damnedest to procrastinate from writing a novel which dealt with grief. Avoidance, I’m good at it.

So I sanded and painted the hallway, only covering the dogs in a thin layer of dust in the process


That wasn’t enough so then I did the ceiling in the office:


One of my clients was nominated for RAW : Sacramento apparel artist of the year so I attended her show – and this woman was hilarious. She kept posing in the middle of the room as if she were on Project: Runway


My friend Ana made this custom tee for someone in Missouri – I shipped a few boxes that way this year – I love her designs they’re so happy and fun!


Mom came up one day and we walked downtown, this little guy cracked me up


While I was cleaning out files I found my favorite picture of myself! I was 17, in the ER and I really wanted to keep those scrubs


In December I went on a bit of a cooking kick, trying some new recipes like these crab meat cream cheese wontons:


and Indian food:

20121225_154139And then sinfully delicious cinnamon rolls:20130105_115448

The leaves were turning in the front yard and soon piled up high. For weeks I would fill up the 96 gallon green waste can the day after it was emptied. I prefer leaves on the tree.


It rained a fair amount in December so we worked indoors, finally finishing the baseboard installation in the master bedroom when my parents came for a visit/home improvement weekend:


I also made these adorable apple coasters out of felt when I was overwhelmed with life and needed a creative outlet:


In other completely random news, I finally figured out how to remove the vent on my microwave (over the stove) and ewwww. I did get all this grease and grim off and now it’s on the regular cleaning list.


Christmas was boring. No pictures.

In January I had jury duty. Joy. Luckily the trial was delayed and I was dismissed for another year. Civic duty: done.


What else…. oh I bought a new fancy smancy suitcase! It’s blue and it twirls and there are 100 inner pockets for me to lose stuff in. It was needed. I swear.


While I was at the mall I also spent several hours in the apple store, making my friend’s websites the home page on iMacs and laptops while I waited for Genius Bar appointments to fix some lingering problems on my laptop.


Why the computer repairs and suitcase?

Well because in a few months I’m going to CHINA! Yep – even my sweet barista got excited about the news:


But because I’m prissy about my latte I poured it into this happy mug from Target. It tastes better this way.


Do they have chai lattes in China or just tea? Must research… I did have a yummy tea tasting in Chinatown but wasn’t going to spend $120/pound for tea. Uh, no.20130128_144118

In January I also spent many a nights working on my nails:


And I’m almost done with the bench after weeks of sanding, prepping, painting, repainting, staining, sealing and cleaning. I can’t wait to show it to y’all!


Okay, just a few more I promise.

Last weekend I went to visit my parents, my grandma, a book signing and then San Francisco. Check out these adorable cookies at the YHL book signing!

YHL Cookies

(pic courtesy of my new blogger buddy Alanna who made the 2 hours in line fun!)

In San Francisco I stopped into the LUSH store for a hand massage and they used these… uh… soaps which are a new item for Valentine’s Day. Tell me I’m not the only one who sees it…20130128_151507

I was there with my friend Dana who is quirky and fun and hilarious all at once. I wish I had a picture of her face when she tried some bubble gum sugar lip scrub. But I was laughing too much.

(pic of me and dana which she has yet to send. this is my attempt at a guilt trip.)

We had fun catching up and talking and rebuffing the homeless men who wanted money. It was a beautiful clear day and I took the BART back to Mom and Dad’s house, picked up the pups and headed home. It made for a long Monday but what a fun trip!


So… whatcha been up to the last 3 months?

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