Coming Soon

So I’ve been too busy working on projects to blog about them which is both a blessing and a curse. See, now I have 1000 photos to label, sort, edit and upload and no time to do it!

In lieu of a photo filled post today, here’s a quick list of some of the projects I’ve been tackling in January so far:

  • finishing the guest room ceiling
  • rearranging the guest room furniture and artwork
  • staining the Ikea wood chest
  • finishing up the bench frame for outdoors
  • repairing the foot chest in the living room
  • painting the bathroom ceiling
  • painting and finishing the bathroom cabinets with vinyl and more organization

One of my friends asked how I could get so much accomplished in short periods of time and here’s what I’ve discovered:

Everyone has the capacity for productivity under the right motivation. I happen to be really motivated to finish these projects and find please in completing them. Because I’m a systems expert and I do figure out projects all day long for fun and money, it’s easier for me to break down a project into steps.

It’s not uncommon for me to grab a caulking gun, plastic bag, newspaper, paint tray and water bottle and head for a section of baseboard that needs to be cleaned and sealed. In my head I can see that I should put the plastic bag over the paint tray and rest my caulking gun on it so if there’s any leaks it doesn’t make a mess. Once the caulk is on the board I spray my fingers with the water and run it along the seam, using the newspaper to clean my hands.

In my head that makes sense, I think of that while doing the dishes or working on a client file. Hours later it’s easy enough to execute while most people would get stuck with messy hands and no way to clean up.

The projects I’m working on are not, in all reality, that difficult to learn but they do take time and focus which I have in spades since I don’t watch TV, read the newspaper, go out often to drink, have school, or spawn to take care of – I try to make the most of these circumstances because I’m motivated to do so.

And I will have picture tutorials up soon. Just as soon as the paint dries.


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