Monthly Day Off

Today is 28 1/4th birthday which is only significant when you take into account it’s my monthly day off. Each month on the 14th I give myself a day to do absolutely nothing or adventure someplace new just for fun.

It’s a far cry from the years I spent working 4 jobs with a day off every six weeks or so! I love this plan because quite often the days sneak up on me, especially lately when it’s cold out and I don’t feel much like adventuring.

This month was no different, I noticed it on my calendar on Friday and thought “huh. Wonder what I’ll end up doing Monday?” Since I have no calls scheduled I thought the day would begin by sleeping until noonish.


I was actually awake and working at 6am, which if you know me at all you understand is quite a rarity. Now, 3 hours later, the dogs have had their breakfast and are snoozing happily. I’m in the living room because the couch has better lumbar support for my back this morning and Nixon and Wilson are sleeping next to me. Jackson is lying here on the guest room mattress watching me ever so carefully for any sign of movement.


I started the morning by signing a new client contract, this one a very exciting opportunity to work and travel to China this spring. Then I continued to work on a launch for another new client, adding in some elements that I had been dreaming about when I woke up at 5:45. Something I’m still working on.

Being up so early was only inconvenient because I had to wait on some people to wake up and talk to me – having so much going on early in the morning was stimulating enough that I didn’t even pour my coffee until just now.

Aside from the work tasks that inevitably creep in when I’m working on my laptop, I know today I’ll go to the mall and get my laptop looked at (let’s all pray it’s something cheap and easy to fix!). Maybe I’ll start scouting for a new suitcase because mine are so, so falling apart.

One thing that I really appreciate about today’s day off is that I can do whatever I want, even working, and that is a blessing in itself.

So I might finish some projects in the guest room (the reason why the bed is hanging out in the living room), check out a few books at the library, list movies for trade-in on Amazon, or just end up relaxing and working as I feel like it.

To quote William Wallace: Freeeeeeeeeedom!


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