Decorating ADD

As I’m writing this the guest room ceiling is about 75% sanded and ready for paint. Well, if I have to do much more patching then it’s 60% ready and still by Sunday night I should be done with the prep and paint and touch up.

So I’m typing whilst covered, head to toe, in dust. It’s disgusting. Every few trips up and down the step ladder I have to go wash my hands because they feel so, so gross. Dry. I’m also getting pressure points on my fingers from the sanding wedge, which is nothing compared to the numbness I had scraping this ceiling a few years back because the scraper thing was so rough I feared nerve damage on my thumb.

I took a blog break and realized that there’s a real thing that annoys me when I read other blogs and that’s decorating ADD.

While I might take a few years to finish a project due to overwhelm or needing a room to be functional instead of done, and am slowly learning this stuff as I go, it’s the idea of re-doing something several times that drives me nuts.

I get it, it’s decorating. It’s fun and some people love it so much they’d repaint a dresser every month just for shits and giggles.

But holy crackers and cheese, people. Do you not look back at your house and archives and plans and think “well I changed this bathroom six times so far but it’s the seventh remodel that will really make me happy!” Do you ever write these new posts about re-re-re-re-doing the kitchen island and wonder if you’re insane or just bored?

It’s probably just me being cranky about being absolutely covered in dust and appearing like a dragon when I sneeze but I just want to shake some bloggers and say “don’t you have anything else important to do with your life other than remodeling that same space again?!”

Yes, I’m crazy and judgmental, I’ve never denied that.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always worked while in this house, in the beginning 4 or 7 jobs, now just one business with a ton of clients and work. But 4 years after moving in I’m still working on the basic stuff like baseboards and vent covers.

Anyway, all that whining to say that I’m still not done prepping the ceiling (and don’t want to think about the living room right now) but I know what I’ll look like as an old, gray haired lady:

Photo on 2013-01-12 at 14.00

Oh, and I’m going to need a scrubbing shower before I go pick up the paint because my nose looks like I’m a cocaine fiend.

Anyone else get decorating ADD? Or simply annoyed by it like I do?


4 thoughts on “Decorating ADD

  1. Sanding is the absolute worst. Cleaning up everything that’s covered in dust comes a close second. And yes–I don’t get the crowd who just have to change the paint colour every year. You can buy contacts for that :>)

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