Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

This weekend I tackled one of my smaller projects from this list and it was much easier than I anticipated! This has been on my mental to do list since I took my hideously pink cabinets to white on the outside a few years back. I started with the main cabinet under the sink.

It’s a relatively quick and easy process so here’s the step by step!

1. Remove everything from the cabinet (this one has all my cleaning supplies) and wipe it down. You’ll be amazed at what you find hiding in the back of cabinets. Start by throwing away any obvious trash and then sort the rest.


2. Paint the sides and back of the cabinet using some oops paint from Home Depot – my quart was $2 and I picked it up months ago. This is typically paint that they mix up and then the customer decides is the wrong shade. If you’re looking for paint the best time to search is Monday or Tuesday – especially after a holiday weekend.

The paint I used isn’t labeled so let’s just call it bathroom beige from Behr and it worked really well with 2 coats to cover smoothly. While the paint dried overnight I picked up new MDF for the cabinet floor which was pretty well warped from an old sink leak.


3. Build a new floor. Because my cabinet was 20″ x 34″ I chose to have two boards of equal size cut so they would fit easier. Imagine trying to put in a single board at a diagonal with the drain pipes in the way.

Home Depot will cut the board you buy into any size you choose (and yes you get to keep the leftover bits) for free so for just $5.47 I got my two boards and some spare pieces.


After making sure the boards fit first, I picked up some vinyl self stick to protect the new MDF and make it look sleek. I bought 2 rolls for $2.75 each before I used a $5 off coupon for my whole order.

It was hard at first to line up the two designs but totally worth the effort! And since it’s super cheap and simple you can always remove the vinyl and replace or paint over the MDF or just get new boards completely.

MDF under bathroom sink

The MDF I chose was 1/4 inch so it doesn’t drastically change the area of the cabinet either.

4. Reorganize and restock the cabinet. I have a TON of cleaning supplies and many of them are multiples of the same cleaner. It’s not safe to combine different ones because they can create toxic gases but when we’re talking about Fabreeze mix away!

Everything came back into the cabinet with just a few exceptions

  • I put one spray bottle of Fabreeze in each bedroom and with the dryer
  • the CRL was moved under the kitchen sink with other heavy duty cleaners
  • 3 bottles of carpet cleaner for the steam vac went into the hall closet with the vacuum cleaners

Of course if you have some containers like I did that are practically gone use them up by cleaning something.

The baskets are from Dollar Tree and are some of my favorites! $1 each and they come in a variety of colors:


5. Label! I don’t have a several hundred dollar cutting machine and let’s be honest, I think it’s pretty wasteful. But I do love labels so I just picked up some of my card stock and traced the labels for these baskets and tied them on with twine.


6. Finishing Touches. If you’re really dedicated then you can also do the finishing on your cabinet hinges like I did – removing the cabinet doors and using my favorite ORB paint to take the hinges from brassy with a hint of old pink paint to classy. These doors don’t have door pulls either so they get dinged up faster than I’d like. I choose to sand them down and repaint with the white in a few places.

(pictures coming soon!)

There you have it! A quick and easy cabinet remodel that costs under $15 and made a huge impact. Next up I’ll be moving on to the other cabinets here and also lining them with the vinyl and doing some organization.

Under Sink Redo

Budget Breakdown

  • MDF: $5.47
  • Vinyl: $2.75 x 2 = $5.50
  • Paint: $2.00
  • Baskets: $2.00
  • Labels: free
  • Grand Total: $14.97

And I have plenty of vinyl and paint for the rest of the bathroom cabinets too!


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