Storing sheets without folding

Since finishing the hallway and office ceilings in November and reorganizing the office and living room furniture I was pretty sure that December would be a quiet month at home.

I honestly have no desire to travel and some days don’t even leave the house. Part of it is the crappy weather – it’s cold out there!

So here is the first of a few of the dozens of smaller projects I’ve finished up in the past few months.

Organizing sheets – this was the mess of sheets I had before:

2012_12_08 (02)

And they were folded, stuffed into bins, in the dresser I just got rid of and all over the place. Since I have two queen sized beds that’s the only size sheets I need so I dumped these out, matched them up and then decided to roll, not fold, the sheets. Why?

a) I hate trying to fold fitted sheets. It makes me feel like a t-rex giving a hug – completely inadequate.

b) I can never pull out just two sheets without all the others falling apart. It’s a pain in the ass. And since I usually wait until right before I fall asleep to put new sheets back on the bed the last thing I want to do at that moment is refold everything.

here’s the after:


Nice, right? After matching them up I changed the sheets on both beds, washing the dirty pair (which had a ton of muddy dog paw prints) I put them all in these two bins. I folded the flat sheet and then rolled the fitted sheet in the middle. Each pack is secured with a big rubber band so they don’t fall apart.

I also got rid of that black set of sheets that was made for a Full Size bed. So those became drop cloths.

I put these sets in the closet of the guest room and since the boxes fit on the shelves I can easily take one down, pull out fresh sheets while the old ones get laundered and then pop the clean ones back in.

DSC_0234It’s a good project to get out of the way.


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