Next Project

So while I’ve been working on a lot of little projects around the house, I’m looking at the next big project to start on when I’ve finished revamping the swinging bench for the front of my house.

Here are the candidates.

This footchest:

2012_11_24 (14)

It was a gift several years back and Wilson decided to use it for a chew toy when he was a puppy so the edges are a bit rough. So I want to use food filler on the edges and a section in the back that cracked and broke off. Then comes sanding down the piece, painting it a crisp white and making a cool bench seat on top (my own version of a window seat).

Two of these chairs:


These were also a gift when my aunt was moving and both have leather (or pleather) fabric that have been used as a scratching post by many a cat. So I’d love to recover them (because they’re actually really comfortable) and add a new base since the legs aren’t terribly stable. While I love one of the red ones in the master bedroom, I’m thinking of making them both black so they can work in multiple rooms.

This edging:


In the backyard there’s an edge around the raised flower beds that is mostly falling apart. There’s a layer of brick that’s pretty messy and a one foot tall piece of wood that’s leaning over and not doing a whole lot.

So I’d like to create something like the edging above – most likely with the back bricks standing on edge somehow – and while I’m at it check the fence along the perimeter and make any repairs, lay down some weed block and add some more fill dirt. It’s a messy job but worthwhile to improve the backyard resale value.

These floors:


The bathroom floors have the same, ugly tiles. They’re hideous. So with a wonderbar, some elbow grease and a bit of clean up I’d like to take out the current tiles and replace them with a darker tile like the one above. Something with a pattern is too easy to get dirty so one like this that I can stagger is perfect (I’m also considering running it through the hallway). It’s not super expensive, just lots of cuts and I have to make sure the subfloor is really, really clean so there are no bumps or cracks.

Bathroom cabinet 1:


These cabinets hold a lot of junk and I don’t want them to always look like crap. In the main bathroom the plan is to take oops paint and go inside each section painting the back and sides and laying down vinyl on the floor to make any spills easy to clean up. I have 2 quarts of oops paint already (and it’s relatively cheap) so the only hard cost would be the vinyl.

Bathroom cabinet 2:

2012_05_14 (01)

In the second bathroom I have this cabinet which goes nicely into the wall and provides good storage. Same thing, want to paint inside. But I’m also thinking of updating the exterior of this one which would mean sanding and repainting the doors and frame. This is the bathroom that will get a new pedestal sink, open shelves for storage and possibly even beadboard on the walls leaving it crisp and white. The wood here doesn’t fit in.

So what will it be? I can’t start the ceiling in the guest room until guests leave in mid-January so until then… what project will it be?


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