12/21/12 No Power

Here I am, sitting at home on December 21st, thoroughly enjoying the jokes about the “end of the world” and in the middle of a dozen tasks, online chat conversations and email when the power goes out.

And now a simple shut down but suddenly off. Sputter on. Off again. Sputter on. Off for good now.

So I’m torn. My computer has 7 hours of battery life (which will flicker down to 3 hours in approximately 10 minutes or so) and my phone is at 81%. My cell phone and iPad won’t connect to the internet so I can’t check if this is a localized or if the zombies are coming.

Ah, pot smoking neighbors to the rescue! Apparently it’s not just my house or neighborhood but homes 4 blocks away are also without power. Nice. I should go check on my grandpa and get hooked up to wifi for a few hours before everything shuts down but did I mention the dogs are afraid of the dark?

Yeah, they’re wimps. It doesn’t help that one of my smoke detectors or the house alarm keeps going off and that makes them nervous.

If I leave I can’t keep them calm and can’t leave candles unattended. Great.

The dogs are huddled in front of my space heater, confused about why there’s no heat for their little butts. They keep whining and looking at me like “turn it on mom!” Sorry buddies, at least you have fur.

I suppose if the power isn’t on by 4:45 I’ll go see Grandpa and find out how much of my city/state is plunged in darkness.

All of this makes me laugh. End of the world my ass. No wifi? Now that’s a disaster of epic proportions.

Update: it took about an hour for the power to return. No news yet on why it went out but I’m grateful for electricity, microwaves, my TV and the internet.

In fact, after the power came back I closed two new clients in my business!


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