Plans for Spring

I was recently thinking about the next big project on my list (after finishing in the guest room) and decided that I really should just bite the bullet and tackle the living room and dining area ceilings.

I’ve avoided this so far because:

  • 12′ vaulted ceilings are serious business
  • I really, really hate the scaffold
  • there’s a lot of stuff to move
  • it’s going to be messy
  • I need to save up some cash

But, it really is the last big DIY thing we can do aside from the master bathroom. So here’s my brain dump of all the things I’d need to do and what I can do alone and where good old Dad comes in.


Phase 1 Prep:

  • empty the garage as much as possible. donate recycling, finish the bench project, donate or sell stuff quickly.
  • move big furniture into the garage: couch, china hutch, table, chairs
  • box up smaller things and move them to the garage: china, decorations, artwork, stuff in the TV bench
  • move medium furniture to the hallway or bedrooms: DVD bookshelves, chairs, kitchen bookshelf, lamps, mirror, tv
  • move everything in the kitchen into a cabinet or fridge. nothing on the counters.

Then we also have to prepare the space which might take a few days but the room is empty and my TV is in a closet somewhere so I have nothing but time!

Phase 2 Cleaning & Covering:

  • steam clean the carpet while all the furniture is out of the room
  • touch up the baseboards and wall paint if it’s needed
  • cover all of the floors, walls and surfaces with brown contact paper OR plastic sheeting (over doors and doorways) – this seems easy until you consider the front door, hallway, opening to kitchen, door to garage… lots of tape and paper!

This is probably the point where my lovely, wonderful dogs go off to stay at Grandma’s house for a week so I don’t have to keep them out of half the house or deal with them barking at me while I work on the scaffold.

Phase 3 Actual work:

  • bring in the scaffold and scrape the texture off the ceiling smoothly
  • sand the ceiling and patch rough spots, sand again
  • clean so all the dust that came down is off the ceiling we want to paint

At this point I’d probably be happy to quit and move my furniture back in but will need more work done to get it finished once and for all. So we call in the experts…

Phase 4 Dad arrives:

  • do final patches & sanding
  • oversee contractor inspect and clean the fireplace
  • using the paint sprayer I own paint the entire ceiling
  • install new light over living room
  • possibly replace dining area fan with a new light

Phase 5 Clean up:

  • tear down all of the paper and plastic and trash it
  • touch up the edges of the ceiling if needed
  • clean the wayward dust which made its way down the hallway or into the kitchen
  • possibly clean the carpet again if needed
  • bring in the furniture, rehang the mirror and pictures and enjoy the finished product

Yeah, just thinking about all this work is giving me a headache but I can also visualize how beautiful the room is going to be! Before getting started I’ll need to budget for the fireplace inspection, 2-4 gallons of ceiling paint, the paper and tape to cover the room, new lights and build up some goodwill by dog sitting for my parents so they’ll return the favor.

The fireplace isn’t an essential thing at this time but it’s been 5 years since it was used and the room will already be protected from dust and soot so why not?

I think if we plan it well and most of the prep is done then Dad and I can do phase 4 & 5 in 3 days if we stay focused. Ideally this will happen in early spring before he gets too busy with car tours for the season and that gives me time to finish the guest room, save up for the items to buy and start making room in the garage.

Of course none of that is happening until January because I want to enjoy my living room decorated for Christmas!


The photo is a little crooked and the dogs have smooshed the pillow into new shapes but still, I want to enjoy it for the rest of the month!


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