Office Details

Last month I got a bunch of work done in the office. Namely finishing the ceiling work and painting it, rearranging the furniture and bringing in a loveseat and painting and reorganizing the closet.

Now for some of the fun little details!

First up, I got these cable clips which hold various cables from the computer set up (monitor link, power cord, speakers) so when I unplug the laptop those cords don’t go sliding off the desk and they stick to the surface I put them on. Trust me, I’m in love with these suckers.


Now that my desk is rotated I can see out the window at a new angle and I realized that there was a gap on the sill which was both ugly and could be letting in cold air by not being properly sealed.


So I put in a bead of paintable caulk to clean it up and then, once I saw these pictures I also grabbed the windex and cleaned the glass:


The air return in this room was taken down back when I painted the ceiling and then it got sanded, cleaned and spray painted white. Now it’s back up in the room:


You can also see in this picture that there’s a spot of drywall on the ceiling that has some water damage. An investigation into the attic found that the roof leaked from a spot where the gas line came in to the house but it’s now dry (and that was during a 5 day wind and rain storm). So we’ll patch the roof and replace the drywall in the spring when it’s NOT raining.

Also, I finally found the final door strike which had been removed and was hiding in the garage. I spray painted it ORB like the rest of the door knobs and hinges and installed it.

Up next to the desk I posted two of my boards for notes and goals:


Right under the boards I have my paper shredder and under this corner of the desk is my perfectly sized box for papers that need to be shredded or recycled. If I’m working or on a call it’s the perfect place to stash papers until I can get to shredding them.



The last little detail I have to share is this second footrest in the room. The first was this ottoman I shared here and it’s tucked under the desk but I also have a smaller one in front of the love seat where I sit often enough with my laptop to work late at night.

DSC_0346Do you know how hard it is to photograph anything with 3 dogs wanting to sit in your lap? I’ll tell ya, it’s hard. This loveseat is both awesome (comfy and the perfect size for the office) and annoys the shit out of me (ugly, no back pillows, cushions that move on their own volition. I would like to cover the whole thing with  a fresh slipcover that doesn’t slide around along with plenty of comfy pillows. Mom already took home more green fabric (from the other footrest) and one of the pillow forms I want covered but I still have more to do!


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