Office Closet Part 2

And here is the rest of the closet redo! Part 1 was clearing out the closet, painting the shelves and the top third of the wall and ceiling. Once that was done I brought back in some supplies: printer paper, techy stuff, binders, CDs and pictures. Here’s what it looks like today:


Dad came up for the first weekend of December and we finally got the rest of the baseboards installed around the closet. We did keep them off the doorway of the closet itself where the doors would hit when they’re reinstalled.


Once those were in it was time to bring back in the stuff that came out of the closet. Not everything though, I’ve been working on downsizing my crap so I recycled, trashed and donated a lot of stuff. Here’s what did come back in:

  • old Dell desktop CPU
  • 2 file boxes with current files
  • 2 occasional tables from Wal-Mart that I bought in college
  • file box with old work files (still need to go through)
  • file box with school memorabilia K-College


Ignore the cheesy pictures please, I wanted them up off the floor so they wouldn’t get broken but haven’t selected the prints yet. The trash can also fits nicely back here. The shredder is right outside the closet so I can toss or recycle easily.

On the left side there’s enough room so I’d like to install shelves, I’ve measured and 4 shelves 12″ apart will have enough clearance for the file boxes to be stored without stacking. For now the boxes are just stacked up until I can work on the shelves.


The paper bag just has receipts I need to sort but I’ll be stacking more banker’s boxes as I get organized. The shelf here just has stacks of mail and paper I’m scanning and answering. Most of it’s junk.

I’m not sure what else I want to bring into the office closet, if I don’t use the foot chest or wicker basket from the living room then I might move the bookshelf which is currently here at the end of the desk:

2012_11_10 (26)

It’s short and shallow enough to fit on the back wall and I’d just need to run the power cords for the scanner and printer to the outlet on the far side of the desk. Still considering that as an option (it would leave a little bit more floor space in the room).

For now I’m using the bookshelf in the photo above that folds up flat when not in use, I pulled it from the hall closet when I cleaned that out. Eventually this is going to be in the master bathroom once I get rid of the cabinet and need some extra storage. For now binders and baskets are easily accessible behind my desk.

As for the boxes I took out I still need to sort and organize two giant containers with photos and make sure they’ve been scanned. Then the family can figure out who gets the old photo albums, frames and papers from my grandparents.

I also have file boxes with warranties and owner info for all the electronics and furniture I’ve purchased, a box full of magazine cut outs and more files (currently stacked up in the garage). So much to do!

But for now I’m off to update my Projects page since the best part of projects is getting them done!


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