Becoming a Trollope

This post is actually about writing. So… gotcha? I just finished up my 7th year of participating in National Novel Writing Month, or as we call it nanowrimo. Or as my mom calls it “whack a wri mole.”

I’ll ruin the suspense for you right now:

Anyway, this post is not so much about winning, but the habits of writing (or anything that you want to do). So let me introduce you to Anthony Trollope whose habits on writing I first read about here.

Trollope was amazingly consistent, writing 250 words in 15 minutes and going for 3 hours every morning. Every morning y’all.

Not only that he woke at 5:30 in the damn morning which means he’s way more dedicated than me. Even if I can get 750 words in 15 minutes, thereby kicking his ass on the word count, it isn’t as if I write for even an hour each day.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that consistency? To have 3,000 more words every day that you love and publish? Trollope did, publishing 49 novels in 35 years. Daaamn.

Having prospered so well, he urged his method on all writers: “Let their work be to them as is his common work to the common laborer. No gigantic efforts will then be necessary. He need tie no wet towels round his brow, nor sit for thirty hours at his desk without moving,—as men have sat, or said that they have sat.”

Discipline isn’t a dirty word but sometimes we think that consistency is too boring our our creative, free spirits. But I’m considering how I can get more trollope like in my own habits, whether that’s in business or writing, so that I too can see those kind of results. Because damn.




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