Decluttering CDs

I’m a big fan of stacking projects so I get more done. For example, if you remember I was really motivated to finish my photo wall in the master but not the ceiling. Well, I had to do the ceiling, then the walls, then the furniture then the photo wall. Without this tactic I’d have a half finished ceiling and awesome photo wall.

So in the midst of clearing out the office closet for fresh paint I decided it was a good tim for some organization and decluttering. One of the biggest projects was actually the boxes of CDs from my Ikea wrap around the room bookshelves – while technically not in the closet they were taking up way more room than I wanted and since I rarely listen to the hard copy CD anymore, were just impractical to keep.

I started by moving these out to the living room, intent on getting them out of the office and whittling down my collection. Since all of my CDs are saved on my hard drive I only want to keep the CDs that I would listen to in the car where I liked the entire disc.

These were going out:

DSC_0299and I reclaimed 4 of these white boxes from Ikea!


I’ll show you what I’m using them for in another post!

The CDs that I did keep fit in these two containers:

I got these from Staples many, many moons ago and while they needed to be cleaned up a bit I had to change the labels. They were simply screwed in but with several of the labels/pulls loose I wanted to swap them out. Instead I just unscrewed the labels and flipped the drawers around (the back side had a notch for opening the drawer):

Much better. I don’t need these labelled, they’re the only holders for my CDs now and tucked away in the office closet.


While I was going through my CDs I also found a few extra cases with missing discs and some that were damaged beyond repair. Those went right into the trash.

Next up is the banker’s boxes full of papers from kindergarten to high school, as well as memorabilia, notes from church services going back two decades and a whole lot of warranty information for the plethora of electronics I own.


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