Finally a footrest

Awhile back my aunt moved to Texas and left me with a bunch of random furniture that I’ve been trying to figure out how to best utilize. One of those things was this black ottoman that came on 12″ legs.

I unscrewed the legs pretty much immediately and put it under my desk. Very first comment I got was “that black thing fits perfectly in the hole.” That’s what she said.

And it was fine, this is Nixon’s go to sleeping spot in the office and he likes to cuddle up next to my feet. Because my back is so screwed up I have to trade off between feet on the floor and legs up and stretched out parallel to my hips when I work. I work at this desk a lot.

But let’s face it, not the prettiest thing in the office so I grabbed the green fabric that you saw here when I picked out fabrics for the office way back when:

and used the solid green to cover the ottoman. I did this the classy way: with staples and duct tape.

Started by ironing the fabric (my least favorite chore ever) and then laid it on the table, flipping the ottoman on its top to measure:

I trimmed the extra fabric away (for pillows) and secured the edges with the duct tape. Corners got stapled and tucked, then more duct tape.

I told you it was classy. If I had a staple gun with real strength then I would definitely clean up those edges and staple the fabric in but this works for now. Here it is all done hanging out in the living room:

I’m still working on sorting out all the boxes of crap that came out of my office closet so I needed space in the living room. It moved it into the office and fits snugly under the desk:

Although it’s Nixon who sits up there most of the time I couldn’t get him to sit still for a photo. Instead here’s the view of the room from sitting on the floor (back to the closet) behind the desk:

Yes, I know I need to touch up the green paint along the edge of the ceiling, it’s on the list okay! There are still a lot of little tweaks to make this room better but right now looking across the desk with my feet on the comfy ottoman I am loving it.

And just for fun, here’s one of my favorite pictures from the office and the reason I love having fresh flowers on my desk:


One thought on “Finally a footrest

  1. Hi Kelly, my Name is Milijana.
    Somehow i got your blog- and i want to tell you how great you are! all These Jobs you do at Home- wonderfull. it keeps me motivated aswell!
    Nice greetings from St Anton-Austria!

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