Office Closet, Part 1

As November marched on I had to come up with new and more complex ways to distract myself from writing my novel.

I’d already painted the hallway ceiling, emptied the office to finish that ceiling and rearranged all the furniture. In some ways rooms are easy – it’s all the stuff that we WANT seen so with a dust rag and a little pillow fluffing all is good.

It’s the closets that are my nemesis.

Aside from painting the bottom 2/3 of the office and guest room closets, none of them were painted and most had not been touched (excepted to be stuffed with crap) since the day I moved in.

The office ceiling had just been painted so I started there. Here’s what the closet has looked like in the past:

The problem is that it’s really hard to get to those boxes stacked up and I very rarely get into the boxes at the top of the shelves:

So I removed everything from the office closet including banker’s boxes, binders and a stacking glass bookshelf. The bookshelf was from my parents but didn’t really fit in with what I needed here.

I also took down the curtains and rod too, figuring that it wouldn’t hurt to wash those while I was working on the closet.

When the crap moved out I hung plastic to protect the carpet with green frog tape:

and then cleaned the walls and shelves. I used the small paint roller to cover the off white walls (which had a bit of old paint color showing through – mint green in case you’re wondering) and a small brush to get in all the crevices.

While all this was going on I was working on the boxes that came out of the closet and deciding what to keep and what to toss. I’ll break these down into separate posts since they’re a bit… long 🙂

Want a sneak peek of the final? Of course you do… I am determined to get the bottom part worked on this weekend because those old baseboards have to go. Until then here’s how the top is currently organized:

Right side has my portfolios, legal pads, Ikea organizer with a bunch of smaller notebooks and post-its, the two white towers hold ALL of my CDs and on the far end are binders. It’s hard to see in this shot but on the top row we have a stack of file folders and a green tub which is currently empty because it’s cold and my throw blankets are on the love seat.

Left side has a magazine holder full of notebooks, empty composition books, smaller boxes full of computer cables and small electronics, and the white boxes have my photos (most have already been scanned. At the top I have a few empty boxes for computers and accessories and the green tub is empty but holds extra pillows when they’re not on the love seat in here.

The paint might not look like a big difference but it’s nice and crisp and clean in person. There are not lights in the closet but I’m looking into a LED rope light from Ikea to mount inside the closet door frame – wouldn’t that be cool?

Next up this weekend is installing the baseboards and discussing plans for shelving with my builder. Shelves may be a long term goal though because I really want to finish baseboards in 4 spaces so that comes first!


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