Office Redo

Right after I emptied the office I brought in drop cloths for the ceiling project. You can see the overhead lamp is horrible with 2 light bulbs burnt out. Hence the lamps. I scraped, patched, sanded and painted.

Then I pulled up the drop cloths and put down plastic, taping it to the baseboards and over the closet to protect the curtains.

I cut in the ceiling and rolled on the paint:


After I was done with painting the ceiling in the office I cleaned up the office walls with a washcloth. Actually five washcloths because once they get the dust on them it’s pretty hard to keep cleaning.

Now this would have been the optimal time to start up the ceiling fan but I, I didn’t do that. Instead I removed the mini blinds and dumped them in the bathtub for cleaning, wiped down the tops of the door frame and all the baseboards and electrical outlets.

I pulled up all the plastic, wrapping it into a ball to keep it off the carpet. Once I removed the drawers from the desk I could move it around easily. I brought in the steam cleaner and worked on the carpet.

Yeah, nasty carpet. I had to replace the water in the reservoir four times.

Then I started the ceiling fan and spread more dust around. Lovely, right? I’m an idiot sometimes.

At this point the plan was to bring in the love seat since, as you can see below, it has to nestle into a corner between the bookshelves and desk.

Except there was a little barrier in the hallway:

Oops, the loveseat definitely wouldn’t fit past those. So I had to unload all those books and it didn’t make much sense to put them in the living room and then move them to the office.

Then I could drag in all the bookshelves and then the loveseat:

Final piece was bringing in the short bookshelf on the end of the desk (which is actually a little bit taller than the desk) which will be holding some equipment as well as my work binders.

Since the printer would block the lovely view I moved it into the bookshelf and will run the cables out the back (right now they go along the side and annoy me).

Here’s a view of the bookshelves in the room:

and the corner with the desk with the loveseat in the background:

I still need to clean up some of those cords and re-hang the curtains over the window. I’ll be back with more pictures in the day light and will need to update my House page soon.


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