Because I’m Crazy, That’s Why

Right after I finished up the hallway ceiling as described in this post, I looked at the office and took a few pictures:

Based on this one the room is warm, a little cozy, lots of books, somewhat cluttered. Clearly everything needs to change.

Within about a day I had moved all of the bookshelves into the hallway and everything else into the guest room or office closet.

This is what my rooms looks like now:

Why? Because I’m crazy, that’s why.

Let’s recap: it’s November so I’m 10k words into a new novel of NaNoWriMo, have just brought on new clients and am hiring new interns and team members, may be speaking at TED in a few weeks and I’m decluttering half my house.

And in the midst of all that it’s clearly the right time to remodel my office, right? Let’s just accept that I’m crazy. Moving on!

Now that the room is empty I grabbed the step stool, Spackle, water bottle, spatula, sanding block, drop cloths and capture bin. The first night I did about 1/4th of the room and if you followed my whining posts on the master bedroom ceiling then you know the sequence:

  1. wet the ceiling with the water bottle
  2. gently scrape the popcorn texture with the spatula catching it in the bin
  3. use the Spackle to fill in the gaps, scratches and rough patches
  4. sand down the rough spots until the ceiling is baby butt smooth
  5. dust the entire ceiling until all the dust is gone
  6. paint
  7. touch up paint

It’s not an easy process, yo. Especially if you consider it’s time on the step stool with arms raised up for a few hours a night then clean up. And getting dust out of my hair.

In fact, it took me more than 5 months to finish the master bedroom and although that room was larger, with a vaulted ceiling, I refuse to spend more than a few days on the office ceiling.

One of the reasons I’m so motivated to finish this up is that I can’t wait to rearrange the furniture and make this room awesome. Here’s a sketch of the plan:

If you can’t read all the labels, I’m rotating the desk around (and sticking the short bookshelf on the end) and bringing in a loveseat! The large bookshelves will be wrapped around the wall as well as tucked behind the desk.

The DVD bookshelves in the image are a lie – I decided to move them into the living room since the loveseat is getting a new slipcover and going to the office. Details on that coming soon!

This is the very messy before with the loveseat covered in junk and the footrest covered in papers:

There’s a bunch of stuff in here that was moved in from the office while I work in the dust (shredder + ceiling dust = badness). Here’s what it looks like after:

I’ll have updated pictures of the whole living room and office when I move furniture back in (hopefully on Sunday!). Right now I still have a bunch of piles sitting around. Oh, and for the first time in a few years you can reach my fireplace so I clearly need to vacuum up a few inches of dust first.

The other reason why I’m so motivated to get this finished up is that the 2 gallon container of paint is halfway done and has dried out a little (the lid isn’t fitting back on perfectly) so I want to finish it up in the office and guest room. Office first!


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