Pinterest Challenge, the Fourth

It’s apparently Pinterest throw down time once again so let me briefly recap my previous projects before we get on to this one:

What to do, what to do

This time around I had little time and wanted to get something finished, you know, all those random ideas and then there just the one that you can’t wait to say is “done” – or is that just me?

When I looked at my board the same images came up again and again, many ways to do a jewelry holder for necklaces.


Sources here, here, here and here

I’d mentioned creating something like this when I finished up the master bedroom and finally I had a little incentive. Here’s the spot where my own jewelry holders would go, on this short wall between the bathroom door to the left and closet to the right:


So I took my warped wood from the bench project, marked off a few places and went to Home Depot. There I used their saw to make my cuts (since my Dad refuses to let me use his saw. Something about losing a finger or blood loss. Whatever.) and picked up the hardware I needed.

Here’s the brackets:


and the hooks:


Now, you know me. I’m not going to put something brassy gold in my beautiful black, white and red room. So out came the ORB spray paint and I classed those up right away. While they dried I sanded down the wood, wiped it clean and started mixing my paint.


Now, I didn’t want these perfectly glossy white (they’re still pretty rough around the edges) nor stained so I went with a simple whitewash. I accomplished this by mixing a tiny bit of ceiling paint leftover with equal parts water. Whatever, I eyeballed it.

The technique is easy. Brush on the watered down white paint. Wipe it off with a sock. Rotate. Continue. Let it dry.

Here’s the finished pieces:


Now I just had to screw in the hooks, align the brackets and attach it to the wall. Easy peasy. But not a single one of those links tells you how to do so. And I’m currently lacking one drill. So I picked up a batter powered screw driver  to get these in:


and it’s done! There will eventually be 2 or 3 but for now I’m back to tracking Hurricane news and prepping for NaNoWriMo.

Here’s the second one installed (with longer drywall screws) and lit up with candles for Christmas: 2012_12_24 (07)



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