Stuff I Like

While this may eventually turn into a static page I’m doing this quick and dirty version for my Mom and anyone else who has yet to buy me a birthday present. Here we go… stuff I like:

First is a “stuff I need” because my cell phone’s blue tooth is dead. And I didn’t even run it over with my car but since it won’t hold a charge or connect I need to replace it so I don’t get a sore neck after hours on the phone doing business. Simple is good, my last one was $25 and lasted 4 years! Update – bought one!


Bones Season 7 is finally out on DVD and promises to keep me entertained for hours. Plus maybe it can be considered “research” for my novel?


I’ve been in a major downsizing mode lately but the one thing that I need, just a smaller version of, is a trash can for the kitchen. Large ones take too long to fill up and start to smell and the small one I was using had mesh sides. One leaky food experiment went awry and no more small mesh sided trash can.

I like this one but definitely don’t need anything high techy.


Also, Trader Joe’s is now in stock with the nectar of the gods, aka, spiced apple cider. I have 2 gallons which should last me another week, so if you’d like to feed my addiction obsession, you can pick these up for about $3.


I’m a tiny bit obsessed with these camera totes since my camera travels with me and I’m somewhat fearful it’ll break one day. These totes are awesome, bright and roomy enough for camera + ipad + wallet. Win. Find the whole line here. Update got this one for my birthday! Thanks Mom 🙂


I’ve pinned a whole bunch of stuff on this board which should really be called “things my friends should buy me” and if you window shop there you’ll know I like unique salt & pepper shakers, dorky book ends, and this little ducky that will play my ipod in the shower (aka my music studio):


It occurs to me now (right before I go to the cold Northeast) that gloves and scarves are always nice. But wool and cashmere makes me itch so I’d hate to associate your gift with something uncomfortable and painful.

Add this to the “practical gifts” side but after scanning another 250 pictures recently I realize that my scanner is on it’s last days. I’d like to replace it with a more portable model since I get asked to scan stuff all the time. This one is called a doxie… it’s short, black and hopefully not temperamental.


Of course gift cards are good, most used are 1) Amazon, 2) Target and 3) iTunes. On last count I had 64 books to read on my Amazon Wish List so that’s always a possibility!

Mostly I’m so very blessed that it’s hard to come up with a “list” – I do have many projects in the works so if anyone would like to make me soup, install baseboards or paint ceilings then I would gladly accept indentured servant hours!

Or just a card.


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