Back to the Patio

Well, as much as I love the pictures on my photo wall from the garden, this year I’ve yet to plant anything. Until now.

I was planning on skipping the seasonal flowers due to travel and staying busy with my company. But thanks to some special circumstances I needed to clean up the patio.

Here’s the before:

bench swing in progress

I needed to move out the frame of the swinging bench so it could be painted and the new wood slat installed. I wanted to move out all those dead plants and set up some seating.

And here’s the midway shot:

now with real seating

I had most everything already, so all I needed to purchase was soil and flowers. I moved out the chairs that were in the garage, the white table from the living room and the rug from the laundry area.

All of the flowers were re-potted into bright pots which I found on sale at the end of season a few years ago and I’d yet to fill them until now. I still have 3 more  gallon sized pots and many smaller ones in the garage.

Here’s the welcome swing with some bright flowers in plastic pots and a pink hibiscus in a gallon plastic pot.

left of the door

This $5 bench from the Salvation Army got a good wipe down and rinse. All of the spider infested pots went into the backyard and I added a few things back.

bright and cheery

The chairs came from Ikea ages ago (one was a Freecycle pickup) and I moved them out from the guest room when I got the queen sized bed. These pillows were $1 ea from Home Depot and the rug was $4 at Ikea. The white side table was a $10 Wal-Mart find and I filled in the rest of the existing planters with flowers:



Before Nixon came to live with me Wilson loved to spend time on the patio but with 2 dogs it takes a little more coordination. Hence the cinder block to keep them from running off. Today I took them out and they lounged on the chairs,

what’s happening on the street?

shared a chair,

which smells interesting apparently

Kissed a bit,


Nixon stopped to smell flowers,




Of course all that time teaching Nixon how to sit was for naught because he prefers the table. He starts off in the chair,

this is not good enough

then sneaks up,

I’m technically sitting on the chair…

and pretty soon is full on claiming the table.


Wilson was content just sitting on my lap, watching the street:



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