Devil is in the Details

While I love the overall palate of my room with a good balance of bold color and neutrals, I know that there are tons of decoration and details that really make the room. Here’s some of the smaller projects that have gone into the room since I began the revamp in earnest in July (and an update on the decorating of finished furniture).

The mirror which went up on Memorial Day 2011 was always in a weird spot for me to actually use since I’d have to walk into a corner of the room I never used:


so I moved it to the wall between the bathroom door and the closet:


As I’ve previewed before, the major component is the wall o’ photos which is (mostly) my original photography:


But this is just the inspiration and is missing one photo I bought awhile back. Here’s a bit of info on each pic and some notes on printing:


  • 1 – John Pennecamp state park, Key Largo, FL
  • 2 – 111 year old chapel in my town
  • 3 – surfer in Laguna Beach, CA *needs to be printed and framed
  • 4 – standing stones in Scotland *needs to be printed and framed
  • 5 – butterfly garden in New York
  • 6 – daisies in my front yard
  • 7 – tulips in my front yard
  • 8 – ferry from trip to Scotland *needs to be printed and framed
  • 9 – series of 3 prints from Key Largo, FL in a joint frame
  • 10 – rose from the CA capitol
  • 11 – flowers from my back yard
  • 12 – from my town *printed and applied to canvas (details here)
  • 13 – picture of the harbor in South San Francisco *needs to be printed and framed
  • 14 – strand of lights from Elizabeth’s bday party *needs to be printed and framed

Also going back on this wall are the two lamps from Ikea which bring some much needed light to the darker room (especially with the curtains). The only problem is that they’re off white and I like things to match so they went outside for a fresh coat of white spray paint.

fresh coat of paint

I did the same for the AC grate which was looking a little dated and had some old wall paint around the edges. I sanded down the grate and picked up Krylon in a white semi-gloss:

white spray paint

Here’s the finished grate:

Yes, I know I need to touch up the ceiling

The last little detail for now is this rug – it’s not the most attractive thing but definitely serves its purpose to catch all those muddy paw prints when the dogs come rushing in!

dirt catcher

I have to straighten it out constantly and usually toss it outside once a week for a good beating but it’s held up pretty well considering!

Now for the furniture updates!

I finished painting the bookshelf first but the shelves too forever to finish. And if you’ve ever painted laminate furniture you know that fitting in shelves is a pain – especially if you scrape off all the paint you just applied.

My trick is to wrap the edges of the shelf with wax paper and slide it into place. Then you can rip off the paper and no paint gets scraped. Don’t ask how many shelves it took me to figure this out. Here’s the finished bookshelf (ignore the decorations most were just thrown up there last second):


Next we have the two nightstands which I first posted about here. In the northeast corner of the room:

nightstand #1

I am STILL looking for a cute picture of my dogs to add to this frame. Until then: stock image will have to do:

awww puppy

The shelves hold copies of my novel, extra black picture frames and heating pads (inside the basket):

nightstand #1

the drawer is pretty empty, just a few pencils for editing the novel. I’m sure crap will creep in eventually.

Now for the other nightstand. It’s pretty bare so far with just a basket on the bottom with cards and some candles on top:

nightstand #2 – pyrotechnics enabled

Again, it’s kinda nice without the crap but I’m sure that’s going to change. A peek inside this drawer shows that I’m still working on hanging pictures:

nightstand #2

It’s handy.

Finally, the headboard. I didn’t think I’d have time to get it finished since I’ve been doing final touch up on the paint. But the last coats are finally dry and it’s moved in!

Nixon photobombing

There’s not much stylin’ going on yet, I usually keep a few blankets for the dogs in the side cubbies but they’re out in the laundry. I’ll soon mark on the wall where the finished lights are going up and get to installing the rest of the wall o’ frames.

So very close to being done!

view from above

one more looking back the other direction:



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