$9 Headboard Update

I’m rather proud of my cost saving ways, especially when it comes to actually having a bed to sleep on in my master bedroom. Starting with the queen mattress and box spring which were a great deal at $400 (since the fabrics mismatched). Then my dad picked up a bed frame for free which got the mattress up of the floor.

I was kicking around ideas for a fabric headboard when Dad once again found a great deal, primarily so he wouldn’t have to build me one.

price of 1 solid wood headboard

The price is a little off though since there was a 25% off sale so I paid all of $9 to get this home.

Jackson photo bombing

Dad bought and installed these awesome lights from Ikea for Christmas one year, they’re $10 each and came in off-white but I might want to spray paint later on:

Kvart from Ikea x2

This is actually the same comforter, just flipped over. I was originally going to make a bed skirt but found one cheap at Ikea. Overall, I really like the headboard. Especially since it fits Wilson so nicely.

doxie sized

I briefly considered keeping it natural but a) $9 means I can do just about anything to it without much regret and b) the room will be pretty dark with the walls, the brown curtains and eventually the dark floors.

Remember my mood board? In it the headboard is brown but I don’t think it looks good with all the black frames and white furniture.


So I started by sanding down the whole thing so it could be painted white and let me tell you, with all these furniture projects I am getting good at sanding. After it was sanded and wiped down I moved it to the living room and laid it on the side.

“I’ve fallen and can’t get up” pose

This was the best way to get the front and sides, propping up each side on a banker’s box so I could get that strip along the bottom without ruining my rug or sticking the headboard to the drop cloth. Then I stood it up and worked on the inside, doors and track. It took several coats to fully cover the wood:

white paint goes pretty far though

Here’s a slightly off color picture of the top and the grain which is still showing through:

top view

I still have another coat to do and a little touch up but it’s almost ready to move back in! I’m also considering using the same oops gray from the nightstands for sliding doors which have a nice little detail:

grey or white on white?

When this goes back in the room it’ll really stand out against the wall. I’m waiting to get the headboard back in to re-install the lights. They’ll get centered over the bed and plus wired into the headboard (there’s an outlet and an on/off switch built in) and can be angled up to show off the paintings or down for reading.

Then I can finally finish installing the photo wall that will be centered on the bed. Are you excited? I’m excited.


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