Hemnes Update Plans

When I bought this dresser assembled from Ikea 3 years ago it had just one tiny flaw: a crack in the left side panel which is barely visible but quite long. I guess that’s what happens when it’s left in a showroom with destructive children.

But it was overall in good shape and at over 50% off a great deal!

New price: $150, I paid $70

Despite the crack it’s a sturdy dresser and with some prep work I can paint the frame and drawers white. I’d also like to replace the knobs since these are pretty boring. If I can find an affordable source I’ll get 16 matching knobs for the dresser and nightstands.

I really like this version and am looking for ways to make this dresser less drab, all white. Ideas?

love this version

The interesting thing is that once I moved it into the room I didn’t want it white again! Here it balances out the dark frames on the wall. I may add some new knobs  but for now I think it looks great on this wall:

leaving the dresser as is

For the past few years this dresser has been living in the closet since there was a shelf on the wall and the brackets made it impossible to fit the dresser underneath.

If I can add a thin piece of plywood inside the dresser to reinforce the siding with the crack I’ll attempt to repair the crack without it looking worse.

The initial plan was to replace that white shelf (see it here all decorated for Christmas) but with the dresser centered. Honestly, that red chair was just in the room during the project to hold my water, phone, iPad…

But once again I have decorating ADD because I really like having the chair and putting the shelf back up doesn’t appeal to me. I think I’ve found a new home for it and will consult with the architect (i.e. Dad) when he’s here next month.

I may not be painting the dresser just yet but we’ll see – everything might change in a few months. But let’s peek back in the closet:

I hate closet doors

which is hidden behind that duvet cover turned curtains that Mom made for me last year.

Yeah, there’s a lot of mess going on in the closet so those curtains are going to remain closed.

I do think I need to add a few more little things to my list, including hold backs for the closet and sliding glass door curtains.


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