Red Red Wine

Are you ready to see the paint I picked for the master bedroom?

getting ready to roll

It’s called Red Red Wine from Behr and this post is all about the paint and why I chose it!

While I love the homes with the neutral, beach-cottage look I know myself and I prefer bold. To me it’s more fun, shows my personality and lets me get more targeted with the things I bring into the house. i.e. a blank canvas white washed home is my nightmare.

So in this house I went with fun colors and more boldness than most people prefer. That’s cool. My kitchen is red. The office is green. The guest room is blue. And the new master bedroom color is the shame red shade as the kitchen!

I think I was disappointed that the red in the kitchen wasn’t big enough since there are few walls in there, lots of windows and mostly cabinets. That little peek of red in the kitchen was not enough.

wine in the kitchen

I chose to get Red Red Wine in a flat interior paint and even though it won’t reflect as much light as the glossy I really love how it turned out! But let’s back up a bit. Last week I showed you how I’d begun to prime the walls, covering them in a thick layer of the blueish gray color.

Priming ensures an even coat of red

When I went out to the paint stash in the garage to match the color I found a nearly full can a bit dirty but otherwise good!

ready to stir up

After mixing it well I started to cut in with my new angled brush. Here it is in the corners and around the outlets and baseboards:

cutting in

I was really surprised how far that first can went – I covered the entire room in a first coat.

Only then did I go pick up a second gallon. I first considered a smaller size but the quarts are just half the price of a gallon. Knowing I’d need a lot to fully cover the walls I got the second gallon and rolled it on.

Once I got the paint on and took down the painter’s tape, it was a waiting game for everything to dry. Once it dried I was able to vacuum and used the small dust buster to get the edges of the carpet where the baseboards were clean.

By the way, I listened to the audio book A Thousand Splendid Suns while I painted and it really helped me to stay focused (and dare I say enjoy) during the time on the scaffold. I get audio books from the library every so often and had this one saved on my iPad for the occasion.

Anywho, back to the room.

I absolutely love the view from the office – you can really see the bold colors of the bedrooms. They’re all in the same hue (dark and bold but not clashy) without being matchy-matchy.

bright and bold

It was near impossible to photograph on Sunday night since it was already dark when I finished. So I moved in the bed, bookshelf, nightstands, dresser and a chair and waited til morning.

Moving in furniture & hanging pictures
Photo wall in progress

and one more for posterity:

Closet corner

Now that the room is ready, I really need to finish the rest of the furniture so I can move it all in! Here’s some of the things I have finished:

  • Painted the bookshelf white
  • Painted two nightstands white
  • Determine dresser makeover

The last projects I need to finish are:

  • Paint the headboard white
  • Spray paint the grate cover white and re-install
  • Hang the mirror
  • Create jewelry storage

I’ll be beginning to hang my wall of picture frames as seen here:


I’ll also rehang the Ikea mirror and create some jewelry storage on the short wall between the bathroom and closet which will be detailed in another post. The curtains are already hung on the closet and sliding glass door, though they need to be taken down and washed at some point.

Now that the garage is looking cleaner with all that furniture moved I can finish painting the baseboards for this room so those can get installed in August. So so close to being done!

Let’s take a look at that list again from this post:

  1. scrape off popcorn texture across 12′ vaulted ceiling while attempting not to fall from the scaffold – done
  2. Sand, patch and somehow prep the ceiling – done
  3. Paint the ceiling – done
  4. Wash the walls and remove outlet and switch plate covers – done
  5. Remove the baseboards, take down lights and remove shelf – done
  6. Prime the walls for painting – done
  7. Paint the walls Red Red Wine – done
  8. Paint the primed baseboards white
  9. Cut and install the baseboards
  10. Frame out the sliding glass door so it looks pretty – skipping for now
  11. Rehang shelf – skipping for now
  12. Install lights
  13. Install outlet/switch plate covers –  done
  14. Deep clean the carpet
  15. Move the furniture back in – done
  16. Rehang pictures – started!
  17. Rehang the curtains –  done
  18. Drink large margarita

While I would have liked to put the baseboards in before moving in the furniture, I can do it in smaller pieces with minimal trouble. At least the room is habitable which is great because I have company coming in 2 weeks!


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