One Night Stand

Well when I made this mood board I didn’t plan for a nightstand, not to mention two of them! For the most part the headboard has enough storage but with the sliding doors something is always left open. These nightstands should provide more open and closed storage.


When I came across these at Salvation Army during a 50% off sale I knew that they would be great once painted and in the room. They’re pretty solid and not particle board and at 2 for $25 it was a great deal:

solid wood and ready to be painted!

I moved this one into the living room to check out the condition and thankfully they’re really solid. I used the sanding wedge to get into the two shelf areas and all the corners. Then wiped it down with a damp cloth and started painting.

prepping for paint

I got pretty lucky on the sizing too, the headboard is just about 6 feet wide and each nightstand is 2 feet wide. Which means all the furniture should fit just right on the photo wall which is 10 feet from wall to where the door swings open!

Here’s a picture of the fist one painted next to the second nightstand natural:

before & after

When I picked up a new gallon of white primer I found some oops paint, $2 for a quart! So I chose to make it drawer the light gray so they’re not so boring. I think they’ll look even better with a white or clear drawer pull.

$2 oops paint

I’m playing with decorating the top with the same design as the bookshelf but that project will probably come later. The last thing will probably be replacing the knobs, maybe find some nice glass ones but it’s not the highest priority.

There was one nightstand in the room from Ikea but it’s pretty boring looking so I moved it to the office. That may be due for some paint as well when the master bedroom is complete.

When I get these in the room I’ll post again showing how I’m styling the nightstands! So far I have ideas for baskets, my wireless router, the alarm clock and some books. Because I have lights mounted on the wall there’s no need for lamps on the nightstands so I have lots of space to work with!


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