Bright Book Shelf

Okay, I’ve warned you that the walls in this room are going to be BOLD, hence the need for a nice, thick layer of primer. To balance out the bold wall color all of the furniture is getting white washed so that it shows up crisp against the new wall color.

Lots of painting going on

As you can see in this mood board I created, I like dark, bold elements against crisp, white furniture. It’s the same thing I did in the guest room and I love how that turned out.


This bookshelf came from Ikea as-is/clearance section which is great because it was cheap. I somewhat recall $18 but don’t quote me on that. I believe at least one shelf is missing but once again, under $20.

original finish

I started by taking everything out and moving the entire bookshelf out to the garage. Lucky for me it’s super light and the shelves came out easily.


There were a few places where the paint peeled and I needed to patch but I’m not exactly a perfectionist when it comes to furniture.

Shelves are still drying

After getting this piece all white, I tried to find the right pattern for the back and while I’m still toying with the design I want and how to apply it evenly, for now I think I’ll put it in the room 100% white and work on fancy stuff later.

While I don’t yet know what’s going back on the bookshelves, it will be going back in this corner! The paint is still drying in the room and I’ll probably have to wait until mid-August to get the baseboards installed when the family is back in town but I’ll have more pictures soon!


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