Master Plans

When last I updated I had just finished the master bedroom ceiling and was, quite frankly, really cranky.

not pictured: cranky painter

See, I hate scaffolds, it was 106 degrees, I hate sweating and did I mention I hate scaffolds? But the project wasn’t done yet and I had a minor attitude adjustment when I remembered that this project is all about me and my favorite space. Despite some people telling me the wall color was “wrong” for a bedroom I just don’t care. It’s what I like and in November it’ll be 4 years in this house – time for the room I want!

So, on went the primer.

Technically, first came washing the walls and wow were they dirty! Lots of dust floated down from the ceiling work but there was also an A/C grate that had never been cleaned and lots of spider webs. RIP spiders.

After scrubbing and filling in even more wall holes from my 15 picture frames plus the previous owners who liked to staple things to the walls, the primer went up.

But once the walls were ready I started brushing on the primer, careful not to make it so thick that the underlying texture became lumpy. Do you see the problem with that?

primer that doesn’t cover well isn’t good primer

One thing I always forget about primer is that it does not go on thinly and you may need to coats to fully cover the color already on the walls. What one can of regular paint will cover it takes almost twice as much primer. And you want it to be thick so the final paint color goes on evenly without re-texturing the walls.

this is the thickness of primer you’ll need

Luckily for this scaffold hater, most of the wall area could be done on the step ladder and just the north/south wall needed the scaffold. You can see the dirty AC grate here – it’s now in my bathroom waiting for a scrub down!

south wall

The wall above has doors to the hallway and bathroom and will have the dresser and shelf.

Now I still want to change out the light fixture but that should be the last time I need a ladder or scaffold in this room! After the primer, I decided to tape off the door frames, the ceiling and the header for the closet.

painters tape around the doors

I’ll likely empty out the closet and paint it sometime later since the ceiling in there has no popcorn texture. Plus I have a fantastic idea for adding lighting by using Ikea’s bookshelf lights in the ceiling header to highlight my closet.

Before I show pictures of the finished painted room I’ll share posts on furniture from my mood board.

Check back throughout the week to see the progress. Painting is going along quickly and I should have all the furniture back in the room by next weekend!


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