Another Round of Pinterest Inspiration

Welcome back to the blog for the third Pinterest post challenge in an year! I’m somewhat aware that I get lots of traffic on these posts so here’s the quick and dirty rundown of me, my house and these projects.

  • I’m Kelly, 27, single and decorating my first home in Northern California
  • I have 3 dogs, an online business, travel lust and way too many projects
  • I’m in the midst of a major master bedroom remodel but since this post is due on a day when I’m traveling you’ll have to get updates on that project later this week
  • You can subscribe to the blog if you like a) weirdness b) to feel better about your own home decor or c) like goofy dogs and fun photography.

And now…. on to the projects!

Yes, Pinterest is great but I so agree with Katie and Sherry on this one because without action it’s just depressing. So here are a few projects that have found their way into my home!

Awhile back I pinned this to my “Make These Things” board on Pinterest:


I really like this version better though because the legs are still metal so there’s more contrast:


And I found another inspiration post here. Of course when pinning these I didn’t own a metal stool but I didn’t let that stop me. I love these stools because when we’d all go to dinner at the grandparent’s house at least one kid would get the stool. Which was way more fun than a chair.

In fact, here’s my grandma’s stool which badly needs a makeover:


So while the long term plan was “inherit stool from grandma,” I knew there might be other options. She’s 92 and still kickin’ so we’re not exactly dividing up assets yet. When I found this stool for $28 at the Pregnancy Support Group store last year it was love at first sight. While it was a pale yellow and looked a bit wimpy, I knew I could make it over since the yellow definitely didn’t fit into my kitchen.


The prep work was boring – clean the entire chair, sand down the metal to be painted and then cover all the metal not to be painted with painter’s tape and newspaper.

Then I started by doing one coat of glossy cherry red paint. It didn’t cover perfectly so when I found some crinkles in the paint I decided to buff out the rough spots and repaint the chair. Here’s a peek at the prep work:


Although the first inspiration pic has all of the metal also painted red I decided to keep it original for the contrast.

Most of this project was waiting which is, honestly, something I’m not great at. Lots of time between coats and trying not to inhale the fumes as I laid on the ground and tried to cover the whole chair.

After many layers of paint here’s the final version:


Don’t you love how the bottoms are red too like it has toe nail polish? Or am I just being weird?

And up close:


I put it here in the kitchen between the bookshelf and hutch:


Most of the time this chair will just be decorative, but it’s useful to holding boxes that finally got shipped out after 2 months (sorry Pat!) and if I ever have 9 people over for dinner everyone has a place to sit!

If you’re new here then you may not know that I am an obsessive overachiever. Yeah, I did two projects. Don’t feel the guilt, I forget to eat lunch on a near daily basis so clearly I don’t have it all together.

The second project was another one that I never thought I “needed” until I saw this pin.


True story, I only got dog crates last year because with 3 puppies running around it was driving me crazy. I needed to lock them up. So I have nearly this exact same crate from Amazon only x2 – one for Wilson, one for Nixon.

(see the story on my Presidential Puppies: Wilson, Nixon and Jackson here)

Well once I saw that pin I decided that my boring dog crates needed a little fancy. I didn’t need anything color coordinated to the house since in the new master bedroom plan the dog crates fit snugly in the closet. And I often move the crates around depending on what room I’m in and how annoying they are.

However, they need to be attractive because if I’m going to lock away my pets and ignore their cries for mercy at least they’ll be in cute decor.

Enter this fabric, found at Christmas time on sale at Jo-Anns. I got a yard and it barely fit to cover the two crates.


Mom gets credit for the sewing so I can’t give any details on the construction but I think they look adorable.


I’m sure I’ll have an update when they’re finally in the finished Master Bedroom – you know after I sand the ceiling, prime and paint the walls, refinish all my furniture and rehang all of my artwork. Consider that penciled in right after the 2 week nap I’ll need.

In fact, here’s a sneak peak at the photo frame wall as I think it will look in real life:


Of course I couldn’t figure out how to do black frames but it’s all original photography from around the world! Florida, New York, Scotland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and my own back yard! Loving this so much.

Oh, one bonus tip for anyone doing this project with 2 crates: make sure the fabric sides are not tied down or can be removed easily. When we travel and the crates come along I always open the side flap so the doxies can see each other. They’re cuter and quieter that way.


Speaking of too many projects, I now think I need to cover the orange label with a little name sign… I have problems.


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