Happy 4th of Fireworks

Le sigh, in my town the only thing that happens in early July is that little fireworks buildings pop up in parking lots, are stocked with explosives and for a solid week there are pops and crackles at all hours.

I get it, it’s fun to light shit on fire and they’re pretty to look at. However, I hate them. Passionately. I don’t think I’ve done the whole fireworks thing for 6 years, since I stay home to keep the dogs from completely freaking out.

Right now Jackson is a shaking mess, barking and then cowering, trying to protect me from the gun like sounds. Personally it seems like a huge waste of money but if others want to celebrate by blowing stuff up at least they could contain it to one day, right?

Okay, enough of the cranky holiday ranting 😉

A few pictures to share today….

Before it got dark enough for fireworks I drove out to the rice fields where I am forced to drive 15 miles per hour and my entire car shakes. I do this before washing the car and it reminds me the tires need to be balanced and rotated after the rough road.


Sunflowers are my favorite flowers, I applied a few filters to this one and it’s going up on my photography blog next week.


Finally, I started my day (and most days I remember to eat breakfast) with a smoothie. This one had a fresh peach (from my grandma), local strawberries, California raspberries and frozen blueberries (from the farmer’s market a few weeks ago):

 Of course I had to add some fresh cantaloupe:


So good and fresh – I love it when I remember to eat breakfast!



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