Master Bedroom Master Plan

I realize that I haven’t actually spelled out my plan for the Master bedroom re-do lately. I’m in the midst of texture and paint but here is the vision (previewed in this post):


The walls are going to be bold but the actual hue is a secret. We’re starting at the top and working down:

  • smooth out ceiling rough spots, prep for paint
  • take down the curtains temporarily
  • paint the ceiling

Once that uber messy step is done I’ll be able to work my way down to the floor:

  • tape off the doorways, remove switch plate covers and lay new plastic over the carpet
  • paint walls with base + color
  • give trim (door ways and closet header) a fresh coat of white paint

Then I’ll be ready to reinstall a bunch of stuff:

    • rehang the lights
  • Photobucketreinstall the shelf Photobucket
  • reinstall switch plate and outlet covers
  • rehang the curtains
  • install new white baseboards

Then, we’re approximately looking at 2015 now, I can bring in the furniture including:

  • the bed frame currently in the garage and queen mattress & box spring currently in the living room
  • the headboard (once painted) from the garage
  • the bookshelf (once painted) from the garage Photobucket
  • two new nightstands (once painted) from the garage
  • the dresser (once painted) which is currently in the closet Photobucket

Do you sense a theme here? Yep, lots of painting! So far I’ve been working on the bookshelf turning it white so that the accessories can really stand out. The colors for this room are going to tie into that red, black and white.

Pretty much all of the furniture will be getting fresh coats of white paint, even the Ikea furniture. There may be a Hemnes dresser (above) post to install a design so it’s not plain.

I have also just envisioned a new project where I use some of the warped wood from my garage for a jewelry holder. I’ll be moving the circle mirror from Ikea across the room too.

After the room is painted and the furniture is back I’ll recreate the photo wall above the bed. This picture is pretty old and since then I’ve updated a few more pictures. I have one more to shoot and the large empty frame on the top right was painted black (see more in this post).

I do have a few more prints to order to fill up the last few frames but I’m excited to get the pictures back up and the room done!

Later Projects

Eventually I’d like to replace the ceiling fan with a black or silver pendant lamp, maybe once with mercury glass. This is pretty much a big “wait and see” type project since it will depend on what I find so in the meantime I’ve pinned a bunch of inspiration on this board.

Then, the hardwood floors throughout the bedrooms and hallway is the next goal. I would like dark floors, but again we’ll see what the budget finds.

I’m just about sold on the idea of dark laminate floors in the bathrooms to contrast the white and rice grain but that’s about where the planning has stopped.


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