Another Memorial Day Weekend Marathon

Last year I had my parents visiting for the weekend and we got a surprising amount accomplished in just a few days (new dishwasher install, new curtains, painted the bathroom, hung mirrors, replaced switches & outlets and bought baseboards).

This weekend I summoned them back for round 2. Here’s the to do list:

Replace both toilets

old toilet ready to come out

Why – Both toilets were original to the house and, well, old and decrepit. The main bathroom valve leaks (inside the tank) so it’s constantly draining water and then refilling. Hello high water bills! The master bathroom toilet doesn’t completely flush anymore and I have no idea why. So, time for new! We bought bowls back in January during a sale but need to pick up the tanks and any other misc pieces.

Update – despite an on-going saga that warrants its own post, the toilets are in! I still need to fix the tile in the master bath but they’re in!

new toilet in master bath


new toilet main bath

Replace more outlets.

dirty, painted on beige outlet

Why – because I have CDO and everything has to match, that’s why! Dad did most of the house over the past few years as I was painting or finishing rooms. But he seemed to have missed a few that were hiding behind beds or bookshelves. I was out of a few pieces but picked them up so we’re all set to swap ’em out.

still dirty wall, new white outlet

Measure, cut, paint and install baseboards.

Why– well again with the matching… there’s a small bit of the office that did not get baseboards when we did the office, plus a section of the hallway that used to have a bookshelf built in. Additionally the master bedroom needs to have old baseboards yanked and new ones cut (I’ll probably wait to install in this room once the walls are painted.

Update – well due to problems with the toilet project we didn’t get time to paint the baseboards and get them installed. But we did remove the master bedroom baseboards so that I can paint. Once the bench staining project is done I’ll have room to paint the baseboards. The next time the saw is in town we’ll get the measured, cut and installed.

dirty carpet but baseboards are out!

Get rid of ‘de bolt’

see the dangerous bolt?

Why – when this gate was installed there were two bolts sticking out. Wilson found the first and ripped the skin on his left rear leg (owie) which resulted in an expensive Sunday urgent vet visit. Walking by the gate a few weeks ago I nearly tore my arm open on the top one. It’s got to come off!

bolt stub

Take down lights and the shelf in the master bedroom

Why – this is just more painting prep so that I can finish with the ceiling, then prime and paint the walls. It’s going to be bold color (just like the kitchen, office and guest room) and the white lights and shelf will go back up probably still as white. The only switch will be that the shelf needs to be raised up a few inches for some furniture to fit underneath.

shelf gone – walls ready for paint!

Stain wood for the bench & drill holes

bench in the summer of 2011

Why- I love this bench, it belonged to my grandparents and I’m glad to have it at my house now. But it’s seen better days so I bought wood to replace the weak and wimpy slats and am working on staining them. Once stained they’ll need drill holes for the bolts. But I won’t be done quite yet, we need to remove the old wood, sand down the frame and paint it. While I like the flat black, I’m thinking that Oil Rubbed Bronze would make it really pop. And hide stains better.

About halfway done with staining

I’m still working on staining. They recommend waiting 4-6 hours between coats so I need to get back to this project tomorrow. The drill holes are done though so as soon as the wood is done I’ll set it aside and start working on the frame.

I’m sure we’ll be adding other things to this list. For one, I finally bought the right size replacement knobs for the broken drawers in the kitchen. They do need to be stained and installed though.

But the list here comes first, lots to do and then the garage to empty (I’ve been storing furniture for 6 months now and it’s time it went home lol).

The garage is getting there! I still need to move the queen headboard from the master bedroom and start sanding it so it can be painted. But it’s definitely looking better! Here’s a peak at the tool hanging storage:

Yes, this makes me happy

I’ll definitely have enough content for a garage post soon, there’s a lot to do in there and I am so glad to have it clean so I can work on projects in earnest. Not having room to move around really cramps my style.

Next up: clearing the side yard, repotting and working on my container garden, refinishing the bench, sanding and painting a headboard, installing the last door inside, priming & painting a ceiling


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